Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Mangakkari ~ Instant Mango Pickle

Come summer and you can see terraces and balconies filled up with vadams/sun dried stuff layered in plastic sheets all around!!Whenever I go to my terrace in the evenings,I can see mamis collecting their stock of the day.I’m hoping I’ll get my share soon from them,coz I keep drooling at them;-).Everytime,as the summer ends,me and my friend D decide that next summer we are going to make our own vadis and stuff.Summer comes and goes and we stay put;-).We do make our summer special Lime sherbet and the Lime peel pickle though,that has become our summer tradition since last few years.

I do have many plans for this summer,don’t know how many will actually see the light of the day!!

I recently made this Mango pickle out of sheer necessity.As I’ve mentioned before,we are not much of pickle fans and can happily do without it.But there are certain dishes for which pickle is an absolute requirement.I found my pickle stock almost empty,strange as we don’t eat much pickle!!I had to make some for emergency which would last us until we make a trip to Ekm or Blr from where we take our yearly stock from[For those who came in late-Ekm is my home and Blr is hubby’s].

I got this recipe from D,who makes it quite often.Even though it is a pickle,this one is called Mangakkari[Manga-mango,kari-curry].A quick and easy recipe,this one’s often made during weddings and festivals.Unlike regular pickle,no water is added during the making of the pickle.All the water oozes out from the cut mango pieces which makes it quite tangy and tasty!!

Mangakkari ~ Instant Mango Pickle


Raw mango – 1,big
Red chilly powder – 1 ½ tbsp
Salt to taste
Hing/Asafoetida – 1 tsp
Fenugreek powder – a pinch[if you don't have powdered fenugreek,add a small pinch of fenugreek seeds instead]
Gingelly oil – 1 tbsp
Crushed mustard seeds – ½ tsp


Chop raw mango into small pieces.
Apply chilly powder,salt,hing and fenugreek powder and keep aside for an hour or till the powders coat the mango pieces well.
Heat gingelly oil in a pan till smoking point.
Add the hot oil and crushed mustard seeds to the marinated mango pieces.
Keep refrigerated in an airtight bottle.


  1. I am drooling here, my mom lso make piclkes like this.
    Wish i had these now.

  2. maangakkari is a favorite of the season. My hubby, though not a fan of pickle, will eat this as if it is upperi. Lovely click.

  3. My mom used to make this.I like it very much:)

  4. HeHe! I remember the balconies full of Sandige, Happala as we call them drying in Summer in B'lore too. My best friend's mom used to make so many types, she would give me some too!:)

    Pickle looks mouthwatering.

  5. manga oorukai looks sour and yummmm; i love pickles and all at home!

  6. the pickles look so juicy. I also made them just before Yugadi. :)

  7. I'm not a big fan of pickles, but instant pickles are always welcome. Nice pic there Divya.

  8. Mouthwatering..Love to have it with hot rice,plain dal and a gallop of ghee...

  9. U re drolling over the "mami Vadam" but here I am jealous of all ur mangoes and jackfruit u gonna eat. I like this pickle with curd rice!

  10. Fresh Mango Pickles,my mouth watered just looking at the pic. Lipsmackingly delicious.

  11. Oooh.. lovely mangai pickle divya! I was thinking to make the same today, your's is great!:)

  12. that is so tempting..love the picture..

  13. I love mango urugai we used to amke this but e will chop in small pieces. Yours looks yum,

  14. The mango season has definetely started...The pickle sounds very simple..nice one

  15. Wow! that looks spicy & yummy.Perfect for curd rice and lemon rice.

  16. I've been planning on trying out sun-dried goodies this year, fingers crossed :D Saw it on Veggie belly a while back and now yours, looks like summer is surely here :) This instant mango pickle in one of my all time favs. I can't stop eating it.

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  18. ThonDanthu udaak yetthasa.. missing rae mango so much.. looks yummy and tangy.. I even like ambuli pacchodi.. missing Mangalore even more :(

  19. The manga kari looks yumm...There are loads of mangoes hanging on to my terrace. Have been wanting to make some pickle, but have never tried it before. Thanks for the recipe, will try this in a day or 2 itself as it looks a quick and simple recipe for a gr8 pickle. Reminds me of the Kerala sadya.

  20. Wow..the sight of raw mangoes itself is mouthwatering n what but this yummy mangacurry dished out by you! Just droolofying n craving to eat some now! :)

  21. Great post en clicks...!!

    My mom makes this...and I never used to eat it...now tht I cannot eat it I miss it and crave for it...

  22. Hello Divya, thanks for visiting.. am really happy to 'meet' u :) great blog u have....


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