Thursday, March 19, 2009

Almond Crescent Cookies(Eggless)

Its strange..whenever I’m planning to cook for an event[in blogosphere],I always look for baking recipes.Its even more strange that whenever I chance upon a new blog,the first label I hit is baking..;-). Sometime back,a friend asked me who eats all the baked stuff I make.I laughed it off,but when I actually thought about it I felt slightly offended.Same thing happened when I posted a diet idea,someone asked me did I really lose weight since I post so many “yummy recipes”[in their words,not mine]in this blog.I got a similar comment here,asking me how to eat up all those goodies.So,its time for me to explain.Or so it seems.

Initially,when I started baking,I couldn’t stop myself from opening the fridge everytime and having “one last slice of cake” or opening up the cookie jar and having “last cookie,I promise”.Even though it wasn’t much,I did not want to gorge on it knowing how much ‘flour-butter-sugar” went into it.Its like the chocolate theory-if you have one chocolate bar inside your fridge,you’ll definitely go for it.So don’t buy chocolate!!So what did I do,stopped baking..hah,isn’t that the easier way?

But there were so many recipes I wanted to try out.I had to don my apron and start baking…again!! But this time with a twist.I became a good neighbour,good friend and good relative etc etc.Don’t get the point?I started sharing my baked goodies.The joy of sharing became immense,even more when they started looking forward to my next baking sojourn.Now I bake away to glory,keep aside a very less portion for both of us and share the rest.It makes me feel so good!!

When I saw this month’s Lets go nuts-Almonds,I again searched for baking recipes.Mainly because I had some powdered almonds with me and I was wondering what to do with it.I had to act fast since I missed last months event,when I had a post ready for it[Cookies,again].I got the recipe from here,but I made it with some modifications.Crispy,crunchy,melt in the mouth Almond cookies.

Almond Crescent Cookies [Adapted from Simply Recipes]


Maida/Flour – 2 cups
Powdered sugar – ½ cup
Butter,softened – 1 cup
Powdered almonds – 1 cup
Vanilla essence – 1 tsp
Almond essence – 1 tsp
Icing sugar – for dusting


Preheat oven to 150*C.
Mix butter and powdered sugar till it becomes light & creamy.
Add vanilla & almond essence-mix well.
Slowly add the flour and powdered almonds and knead till it forms a soft dough.
Take a big pinch of the dough and loosely shape into a ball-flatten it.
Using the lid of a tin,make it into a neat round shape.
Now take a smaller lid and cut the cookie into two crescents.
So with one round you’ll get two crescents and one almond shaped cookie.
Place on a greased baking tray and bake for 20 minutes or till done. Dust with icing sugar and let it cool on a wire rack.

Sending this across to JZ who is hosting this month's Lets Go Nuts-Almonds.

Also to LG of Taste of Mysore for SWC-Meals on Wheels.


  1. Mexican wedding cookies! Looks yum. Baking is always soothing and you feel relaxed. The aroma fills the house is irresistible too! :)

  2. Looks fantastic and your neighbors are definitely lucky if they get to taste all these yum treats :-)

  3. Wow Divya my mouth is watering looking at those cookies. I wish we were your neighbours.

  4. Baking for me is like another world I love to be in...yummy crescents

  5. I loved your post, Divya! You know what, I had the same experience, but unlike you, it showed on me too ;-)It really reduced the frequency of my baking and blogging!!

    Thanks for sending your awesome almond cresecnt cookies to my event..

  6. This is the shape of the cookies

  7. Yeah me too, when ever i see a new blog first thing i lok to is Bakes and desserts.
    Love the cookies, they looks yumm.

  8. They re too elegant those cookies !

  9. looks great!! i have made a similar one long back..chocolate dipped almond crescents..

  10. looks the crescents..yes,,i afeel no longer guilty about baking because I have so many people to share with..

  11. hi,
    U have a lovely blog dear.Even i love to bake a lot rather than cook the daily stuff.But sad no one to share except my hubby.U are lucky to share.
    The cookies looks delectable!!

  12. You know I had the same question too, what to do with the baked goods? I am so glad that you brought it up and also liked the sharing ideas.
    Bookmarking this!

  13. Yummu Cookies, Divya. Wish i could become your neighbour. :-)

  14. Delicous crescents. Looks lovely. Lucky neighbours and friends.

  15. That is what I do too. That way we get to eat everything but in proportion. I pack quite a few slices of cake for my kids too so that they share with their friends, and I get a dual joy out of this.

    Almond crescents looks perfect. I too browse through simply recipes a lot!

  16. They look perfect, must be crunchy and powdery and munchy, no wonder you go searching for it once again; :) I can't resist cookies and cakes neither but i have to do something regularaly for my teddies...

  17. Hi, First time into your blog. I searched for Baking and came to your site. Your cookies all look great. I have recently bought a LG Convectional oven with all Grill,Convention and combi modes etc..
    In your procedure you had written to Pre-heat. This prvision is there in mine. But after that you had said to Bake. But this particular option is not there in my Oven. So how to go about after Pre-heating the Oven. What is the process I need to do for "Baking". Could you please let me know this in this space.


  18. Hi Shobha..thank you so much for the lovely words.Regarding your query,I bake the cookies in the Convection mode of my oven.You have to preheat the oven in convection mode,when it is preheated,bake[enter the time and the temperature in the display and hit start].Oven features vary from one to another,so I am not sure about LG Oven,do check out your instruction manual.Let me know if this helps!!

  19. hey divya, cookies look great!! the shape has come out really well. I've made a very similar cookie sometime back :). one more thing, I too check out the baking section first when I visit a new blog :)

  20. mmm. those cookies look so mouth-watering Divya! Cute shapes. I also share the baking goodies I make (I am still a novice in baking though) with my kid's friends and my hubby's collegues! It is definitely a nice idea. :)

  21. looks yummmy.. same pinch dear..I share everything that I cook.. I have a good gang of friends here.. I make small proportions and I pack some for my hubby and some for my friend's. This way we get to eat new stuff and everyone eats within a limit. Bookmarking this too.. There are so many things to try. But guess I will be a little slow in posting and cooking. We have just shifted to a new house

  22. Hey Divya, The cookies look beautifully shaped. They should have tasted great too! I also loved your parathas. Beautifully layered!

  23. Simple elegant n beauty! Those crescents! To make during the coming week! :) (Eggless-title! Hope u dont hunt me down for this! :D Hugs!)

  24. Hi Divya, I tried these cookies...the recipe was very helpful..However, my microwave oven took a longer time to bake..Can I ask what oven do you use to bake...I had to bake at 200 degree celcius for 30 minutes...Mine is a Godrej 30 L Microwave Oven...Cheers...


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