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From your Blogs #5 ~ Cooking with Raaga!!

Raaga is a blogger who needs no introduction.I’ve mentioned many a times before that I really really like the way she blogs.Her recipes are always fuss free and can be made in a jiffy.I like the way she transforms recipes with cumbersome procedures into healthy,fast and instant dishes.I keep trying her recipes one after another,some of which I have blogged about before and some yet to.

Recently,I tried five of her recipes in a span of a week or so.Needless to say all were lipsmacking.So here I am,dedicating this post to Raaga,of whose recipes perhaps,I’ve tried out the maximum!!

Kadgi Tori Ghashi – I had bought a fresh kadgi[Raw Jackfruit] from Kerala and was wondering what to prepare with it.I came across this recipe and I knew instantly that I would love it.Pulses are included in our menu at least 2 times in a week and pairing it with kadgi was simply too delicious.I usually make a Saarupkari with Tori-Pigeon Peas or a Bendi,but pairing it with Kadgi was an instant success.We loved it with rice for lunch and the leftovers were gone in no time too.

Changes I made – I used black Tori wheras Raaga has used white.No other changes.Lipsmacking-that’s all I can say!!

Broccoli Mushroom soup – We have soups with toast for dinner twice or thrice a week.Since hubby doesn’t like Tomato soup,I’m always searching for new recipes.If you are looking to make varieties of soups daily for dinner-look nowhere else.I think Raaga has got an amazing collection of soups at her blog and all do-able types,so without further delay,hop on!!I make this soup often and it is one of our favorites!!

Changes I made – I didn’t puree the veggies,I chopped them finely instead.Feeling lazy to make this?I’ve tried this soup with Maggi Instant soups-Creamy Mushroom soup.Saute the veggies in a little oil and add to the soup[follow the instructions on the back of the soup packet to make the soup].Yummy!!

Mushroom on toast – I once chanced upon Raaga’s recipe for Garlic bread and that’s one thing which I make without fail everytime we buy Whole wheat bread.When I saw the title Mushroom Cheese melts,I wanted to try it with good ol’ bread and it came out as tasty.Next time I’m trying it with buns.

Changes I made – The recipe calls for buns but I used whole wheat bread and it worked out just great.Great snack to have with tea or soup.Delicious!!

Strawberry Cake – During our Bangalore trip,one thing we bought like crazy was Strawberries.Something which costs us 70-80 rs/-,here in Chennai was only 20 rs/- in Bangalore.Can you believe that??We were surprised to see something cheaper in;-).But after the initial attacking mode,the berries were left untouched inside the fridge.I made the Strawberry cake with the leftover berries and the cake was relished by us and our friends.Superhit!!

Changes I made – None..the cake is a winner!!

And now last but not the least – Coriander Buns.Something which I am still bowled about.It smelled heavenly inside the oven and it was gone in no time once it came out of it.A super duper hit!!Just like she says in her post-it looks and tastes just like bakery-bought ones and you wouldn’t be surprised if someone asked you the same.I’ve made it twice and had a happy glee on my face when hubby said it is one of the best stuffed buns he has eaten!!Thanks Raaga..!!!

Changes I made – Still reading this??Go ahead and try this out and you would know why you need not change anything about this recipe

Some more recipes I have tried from Raaga -
Banana Nut Loaf

Baked vegetables with Crumbs

Garlic Bread

Cream of Carrot soup

Vanilla Raisin Bread Pudding
Molagapodi Appo

I've been showered with awards from my fellow bloggers Akal's Sappadu -
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and JZ-The Adorable Blog.

Thank you all for your appreciation!![I've added the awards on my sidebar].

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Congrats and enjoy folks!!


  1. Wow.. So many dishes from one blog. Can't agree with you more abt Raaga's blog. Appreciate your effort to showcase it here.

    Congrats on all those wards and thanks for passing it to me

  2. everything looks yumm, especially the coriander buns..thanks for the award..

  3. Whoa!! Looks like you slept, woke up and ate in her home for a week! Good job girl! :D

    Each one of them look gorgeous, love the masala bun,I have one in the draft, will see when can I post! :)

    Enjoy the award and thanks for mine too. Hugs!

  4. Wow i loved the way you have made so many dishes from one blog.
    That is like tasting ragas cooking fully but thenmade by you.

  5. Seems like u were in kitchen donned wt apron, ur laptop only displaying Raaga's blog n u dhada-dhad went on cooking frm her! :) All looks soooo eyeing the coriander bun n u hv aptly described her dishes..I too feel that for her!Congrats on lovely awards, n thks so much for thinking of me! :D Hugs!

  6. Oh oh, Raaga's recipes are simple and delicous. The stuffed bun is quiet interesting for me. I love anything coriander. Kuddos to try so many recipes from one blog!
    Congrats on ur awrds and thanks to share with me.

  7. Wow what an array of yummy dishes..Congrats on your awards..Enjoy!

  8. what are we celbrating here? so many dishes in a page.... each one of them has its own taste and uniqueness , but this strawberry cake pulls more of my attention, i love strawberries ; waiting eagerly for the spring season to relish them... and the broccoli mushroom soup sounds smooth, rich and delicious too, my husband loves anything made with broccoli; nice recipe; and have never tasted Kadgi Tori Ghasshi but you've described and presented it in a lovely way that it makes me curious enough to try it by all means! (unfortunately, I can't find raw jackfruits here, and moreover, seeing a ripe jackfruit is already a big thing... lucky are you! and
    congratulations for the awards

  9. well, thats what other blogs are inspire us! :) congrats on the awards!

  10. Wow Divya..All of these looks delicious..Lovely post :)

  11. Why do we always think on the same lines ;) I have eyed strawberry cake from Raaga's blog for quite sometime now and also commented there that I would try. Guess what I even got strawberries to make them yesterday :D he he he...All yummmy dishes.. There are so many things that I have to try from all blogs.. I am in the process of shifting my house so guess it will take a backseat :( I am missing kadgi :(

  12. I think I am about to cry. I was telling Arundati from Escapades about the two biggest thrills I get from blogging.

    1. Make new friends
    2. Hear those friends tell me that they tried something from my blog.

    Thanks for giving me the pleasure of both Divya.


  13. Also, thanks to the rest of you who've left comments. It is very heartening to read this sort of stuff and renews my enthusiasm in blogging.

  14. LOL at asha's comment.
    raaga is one of the talented and creative cook i have come across.

  15. I needed some enthu to blog and cook... and I came here. This post is my #1 pick me up.

    Really feel like hugging you tight and saying thanks :)


  16. Hi Raaga,

    I tried the strawberry cake it came out very well, thanks a ton for the lovely receipe .


  17. Hi Raaga / Divya,

    I just tried the strawberry cake it came out very well.

    Thanks a ton for such lovely receipes.

    Divya this is the third receipe that Iam trying from your blog, Iam totally in love with your style of cooking.


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