Saturday, March 7, 2009

Choco-Chip Walnut Cookies

Few months back,we had our Annual celebrations in our colony and there were many competitions held as a part of it.One thing I eagerly look forward to ever since I got the second prize for the cookery competition held a couple of years back. Last year the main ingredient with which we were supposed to cook with was Maida.I was jumping with joy when I saw the ingredient and had many many ideas in my mind.It was during Xmas time and I decided to bake a cake.I made a Choco-Vanilla Marble cake and was decorating the plate to serve it when hubby asked me whether eggs were allowed.I got confused,it was mentioned nowhere that the dishes should be eggless but I didn’t remember even a single non-veg dish from the last few cookery competitions.Panic struck and I decided to back out since the registering time was ticking away.

Hubby suggested cookies and I wondered how I never got such ideas.Everything was done in a jiffy and Nutty Butter Cookies were made within less than an hour.A sprinkle of Icing sugar and the cookies were ready.There were many yummy dishes and I had absolutely no hopes of winning.My neighbours had made Murukku,Halwa,Appam,Sooyam,Gulab jamun and many such dishes.Judging time came and as expected,1st prize went to Butter Murukku[Chakli],2nd prize was for Fruit and nuts Appam and third prize also went to Sweet appam.I clapped wholeheartedly but was sad that one of my neighbours who had spent hours to make Maida Halwa didn’t even get special mention.There was a Q & A session with the judges and they said the texture was missing and blah blah.Someone asked-what about the cookies[I was surprised]and they said-anyone can make cookies,make the dough and stash it inside the oven-cookies would be ready-no effort involved.I mean,how can they say that,I would be lying if I said I was not sad.Not because I didn’t win,but for his comment.

Anyway-win or no win I will continue making the cookies;-).I had the cookie dough sitting inside the freezer for over a week.I had shaped some when I made the dough.The first batch got done and the dough was still hard.I was in a hurry and I microwaved the dough for 10 secs.Bad move, since the chocolate chips started melting and didn’t hold shape.But the end product looked cool-kind of swirled chocolate effect.I loved it;-).

Choco-chip Walnut Cookies


Maida/Flour – 1 ¼ cup

Butter,softened – ½ cup
Powdered Sugar – ¾ cup
Walnuts – ¾ cup,crushed
Chocolate chips – ½ cup


Preheat oven to 150*C.
Mix butter and powdered sugar till it becomes creamy.
Slowly add the flour and knead till it forms a soft dough.
Add crushed walnuts and choco-chips.
You can add few tbsp milk if the dough is dry and add few tbsp flour if the dough is sticky.
Make small balls of the mix and flatten a bit.
Place on a greased baking tray and bake for 20 minutes or till done.


  1. Wow, they are some god looking cookies.. but tell me something, how do you not eat these? I mean I'm so afraid of making cookies not because I can't make it, but because I'm afraid I'd eat it.. all cookies have so much butter.. I can't imagine eating so much butter.. I wanted to try out some of your cookie recipes, but am so afraid of pouring so much butter.. how do you resist these yummy cookies?

  2. So plump and yummy. Love walnuts in cookies, You are good baker! :))

  3. oh..thats too bad, when people undermine your efforts! anyway, im sure those cookies were awesome!! loved the chocolate swirl effect on your cookies, so what you microwaved them :D

  4. the cookies really look so good.. and not everyone can make perfect cookies(as commented)..i know how I improved to some extent after baking the worst ones which used to go straight into the bin...

  5. No worries... people are calling out sour grapes... nothing else. I have some colleagues at work who say things like, 'Isme kya badi baat hai' when I take stuff to work... they can't make dal also, but they're quick to put you down.

    These cookies look great.

  6. I imagine the judge comment, I am pretty sure they would never turn the oven nob! Ur cookie looks cool with choco chip running (like a zebra/marble cake)

  7. I understand ur feelings. The judges must have never used an oven.

    Your cookies are looking yummy. The have got perfect shapes.

  8. Cookies looks very delicious Divya.
    Happy Women's Day !!

  9. Eggless, marbled cookies! They look fantastic n feeling bad as well at Judge's comment! Do they even u/stand the process, that involves MAKING cookies is a big '?' Chodo aise comments! We know its full of flavor, enthu n EFFORTS! sO 3 CHEERS TO IT N HAPPY WOMEN'S DAY 2 U! (Try defrist function next time i/o mw'ing.maybe it helps wtout melting any ing to bring it at r.temp)

  10. Cookies looks very delicious Divya!!!

  11. Cookies looks really delicious Divya!!!

  12. Wow they look so yummy delicious.

  13. Hi Divya,
    I've never commented on your posts before though I've subscribed to you.

    What is making me write here is your guts in talking about people who've criticised you. I really admire that quality in you.

    Keep up the good work.
    (P.S: Are you an STC alumni?)

  14. Lovely cookies..Eggless and looks yumm. Love the crunchiness of the walnut in cookies..

  15. hey dear.. they look really cute.. marbled effect loved them.
    There are a lot of people who find fun in criticizing people.. Do not pay heed to such people. Its great that you went ahead and participated. Congratulations :)

  16. Yummy yummy cookies! can i pick one divya??!


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