Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Masala Cashewnuts to celebrate a Milestone!!

Exactly a year back,after writing the post for more than a week,I posted this.Yup,my first post.I was actually feeling like a 10th standard student who has just submitted her board exam answer paper.Felt so tensed whether anyone would read my blog at all.I started posting regularly and even though few of my first posts got zero comments,it didn’t deter my spirit at all.I believed that I was a beginner and I have to strive hard to make a mark.I had to make a place of my own and I would like to believe that today I have.

I was a constant lurker[now I know the term] and did not know that there was a comment section below the post when I was introduced to the blogosphere.I remember reading my first ever food blog and that was of Roopa’s[My Kitchen Treats] and from there I got the link to Shilpa’s and then Purnima’s and then Deeba’s,Srivalli’s and so on.I was simply awed that there existed such a great treasure of recipes,food pictures and more.I wished my blog would become popular one day too,I got thrilled when I glanced at my sitemeter which seemed to pace forward every day;-).

And then it happened.I started to get comments on my posts.My favourite bloggers were commenting on my posts.That was a big big achievement for me.I still giggle like a schoolgirl when I read comments full of encouragement and appreciation.Thank you folks,if it wasn’t for you,I wouldn’t have reached so far.I hope this journey continues this way forever.

Along with bouquets,I got some brickbats too.Not some-two to be precise.I was used to getting compliments on my posts and it came as a thunderbolt when this person gave a pretty nasty comment on my post Egg Roast.
I reacted badly,I know.I felt bad that I wasn’t ready to accept criticism.I could have deleted the comments,but I want to remember always that I have to accept criticism,however bad that is.

Anyway,this has been a very pleasant year for me.I am doing something which I really enjoy doing and I am happy that blogging is not going to fizzle out from my itinerary anytime soon..;-)

To celebrate this joyous day,let me present you an amazing snack –Masala Cashewnuts.Amma is famous for her “tallele kajoobi” so much so that she prepared this for my wedding.Not for one or two set of guests but for the entire crowd.Sounds unbelievable? but its true.For the giveaway sweet box during our marriage, this was a special item and amma wanted to prepare it herself.About 1000 boxes were made and each had about 5-7 cashews in it.One of my hubby’s favourites too.An expensive snack,but its ok to splurge once in a while.After all am celebrating my birthday I mean!!

Masala Cashewnuts


Cashewnuts – ½ kilo
Gram flour – 1 cup*
Red chilly powder – 1 ½ tsp
Hing/asafoetida – 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Oil for frying**
Curry leaves – few sprigs


In a big mixing bowl,take the cashewnuts and sprinkle few tsps water and apply enough salt on it.Keep aside for 10 minutes.
Add chilly powder and hing.
Now add the gram flour little by little till all the cashews are coated well.

Deep fry the masala coated cashews in hot oil till it becomes slight brown in colour-drop handfuls of cashews into the oil and with a slotted spoon,try and separate the cashews,this is important otherwise the cashews will stick together and you would get a whole solid mass of fried cashews which is not so pleasant.
In the same oil fry the curry leaves.Mix with the fried cashews and store in an airtight container once it cools.

*1 cup is an approximate measure.Keep adding the flour little by little till all the cashews get coated well.
**Amma uses coconut oil for frying and that gives a distinct flavour to the cashews.Any cooking oil/refined oil can be used.


  1. First of all Happy Birthday to dear "Easy Cooking" and many happy returns hahahaha
    ok, I love cashew masala too! Mmm, nice rich and crunchy and munchy snack; can do it with peanuts too but I prefer cashews.

    And about the egg roast episode, that creature (I prefer not to use he/she) is absolutely not a "well wisher" but someone coming down to earth from hell!! And you've shown it/ creature that you're much superior and highly mannered, well educated human being by accepting it with a big heart (though it must have hurted you so much, i imagine).
    Happy muching and snacking!!!

  2. Yes Divya. I also had almost the same experiences like you, initially. Very very true, that the comments left by our blogger friends keep us on the go. Congrats on your achieved Milestone.

    Tempting Masala Cashewnuts. Who doesn't like it?

  3. Congrats on the milestone reached. Wishing you many more happy years of blogging.

    The rich masala cashews seems apt for the celebration.

  4. congrats!!

    I somehow thought you've been around for years... 1 seems too less :)

    Here's to many many more.

    I've made this, but they didn't last till I brought the camera out :)

  5. Congratsto your lovely blog.
    Yeah i too was a novice when i started blogging, i remeber i made a drink and somebody commenting send this to MM event and i was like there is events too.
    I love cashewnuts and made like this i love them a lot.

  6. Hey Hey!! Happy first blog birthday! Blogs are like our children. We nourish, care and maintain them so they grow up and become good (citizens)source of info for others!! Sometimes we get nasty comments who would love to hurt us but ignore them and enjoy blogging. Hugs to you.

    Arvind LOVES these spicy crunchy Cashews, will make some for him!:)

  7. Wow.. Thats spicy and Nice.. Congrats on ur blogs birthday! Enjoy!

  8. The Masala Cahews looks yummy.. Congrats on your blog B'Day !!

  9. Hi Divya...Congratulations on your 1st blog anniversary. Lovely Masala Cashews.

  10. Many More returns to ur blog! Tasty and addictive cashew masala.

  11. Congrats, Divya!! I know what you mean there. Went through that phase for quite some time and ah...the pleasure of getting the first comment - indescribable:) I love masala cashews too but make it more like bondas. Now that you have tempted me I will make it during the weekend for well....womens' day:)

  12. Wishing a very happy birthday to your blog...that looks crunchy and yummy..i love cashews!


  13. Congrats Divya!! great going.. masala cashews are perfect to celebrate your blog's birthday. i can keep on eating this forever.

  14. Ha..I know how you feel when someone leaves you nice comments..You feel more encouraged to cook and post more yummy dishes..Love the crunchy munch..Perfect for any time munching..

  15. happy blogoversary!! like you said, all these inspiring comments are hte ones that keep us going and yeah, there are some in between which are not very "inspiring"..but just let go of those and keep going!! Hugs, Manju

  16. Happy Blog Anniversary!!! You have a wonderful blog. I can identify with most of the things you said from the excitement of the very first comment & compliments from blogger friends, & nasty comments from Anonymous. I guess that's the part & parcel of blogging.
    Wishing you many more Blog Anniversaries and the very best for life as well

  17. Congrats Divya..:)Way to go..:) I perfectly understand all your novice experiences as I myself ,like many others had been through it..Sometimes it hurts too..But then thats life..happens everywhere..:)
    Thos cashews looks hubby's fav..:)

  18. Congrats Divya on your milestone. Nice way to celebrate with cashew crunch, looks yummy.

  19. Congrats Divya!!! Enjoyed reading your post.You have a lovely blog dear. Cashewnuts masala looks delicious.

  20. Congratulations Divya! It was fun to read about your early blogging days ...guess it is the same almost for everybody! At times even I still wonder how some blogs get soooo many comments :-) Is it recipes? Is it blog personality? Is it socialising more! Have a great blog b'day and keep blogginG!

  21. Thatz a nice read i must say because I can see myself there, even i was a silent lurker for sometime before starting my own blog..

    Cashews looks very rich and spicy..Perfect for a celebration..Happy Blog Bday and wish you to reach many milestone like dis...

  22. Congrats Divya
    I am a new reader to your blog, I just love it, there is no day go by without checking ur blog.
    Just love reading the stories and getting the best recipes from it.......
    You mom must loving so much to make this for your wedding, I never heard any one doing this before...Lucky u and best wishes for your future

  23. Congratulations on the milestone and wishes for more to come. 'Talele kajobee' looks delicious.

  24. nice post..loved the write up..cashews looks yummy.. happy blog birthday..

  25. Congrats dear..crispy cashews looks so tempting

  26. Divu, HAPPY FIRST BLOG-versary,wish u many more centuries dear BLOG!:D Glad u chose to blog, I got a blog-frnd! :D Hey u hv narrated the incident so beautifully n remember it so well..can connect with you easily ...the thrill, excitement on finding food blog treasures, anxiety o'er my own one! Uff...!!!!!! :)
    Umm..errrr...can u pls give me ur Amma's postal address? I will carry kajjubiyo :) OH THEY LOOK sooooooo tempting..loved them..She is greattt to hv made it for full 'vharan' a feat in itself! Hats off!

  27. Congrats Divya and a very happy b'day to your blog!! May your blog celebrate many more wonderful b'days!!

  28. Congrats Divya for completing one year in blogshpere...Gosh You are one healthy baby running all around!! I don't know what to say abt your bad experience with that anonymous person but I admit in a way it came out good for me coz if you didn't mention it in your post and gave the link to that awesome egg roast I wouldn't have stumbled upon it...And now am sitting infront of the laptop digging your egg roast with parantha and must say your recipe is too good to be true...keep blogging Divz!!!

  29. Congrats , dhivya :)
    I see my hubby's fav here :)!
    Here's Wishing you many more years of blogging!..You really Rock on girl!!!

  30. Congrats on your milestone Divya! I know how happy you must feel.. Have had masala peanuts. Will ry this sometime.Thanks for sharing.

  31. Divya, congratulations and best wishes on your blog-versary! I felt like I'm reading my own story here :)). The kajubiyyo are looking great girl! Your Mom made it for the whole crowd at your wedding? whoa, she is a superwoman!

  32. Tallale kajoobee is my fav too.. and I agree with you on the taste of coconut oil.. I miss it so much.. Looks yummy and perfectly crunchy! Happy first blog birthday dear :) hope you have many many years of celebrations to come.. Coming back to that recipe.. I had tried it for my hubby and he had loved it! Such things are better ignored :)

  33. Hi Divya..! Congrats on the milestone..! you should go miles more dear..! Love all your delights.! Masala Cashews are lip-smacking..!:)

  34. Wishing your blog a very happy birthday Divya! Here's wishing for many more wonderful years of blogging.

    Masals peanuts look so crunchy and mouth-watering.

  35. Hi divya firstly congrats on ur blog b'day and secondly thanx for ur lovely comment on my blog
    When i read ur post,i left u r writing my feeling when i started my blog.congrats again

  36. Hi Dicya, A very happy birthday to your blog. Masala cashews looks yummy. I have taken my share :-)

  37. a very happy bday to ur blog,masala cashews are looking delicious,want to pick one now:)

  38. Hey Divya, Congrats on completing a milestone of your blog, wish you and your blog a lot of new ideas to share in the coming years :) Reading through your post surprised me to know that mine was the first blog you read ! I feel happy that in a small way I could inspire you to start this wonderful blog of yours.

    Masala Cashew, never tried it, but it sure looks out of the world! Very crispy and tasty looking. I would first try my hand in making something similar with Peanuts, and then to this advanced recipe :) Happy Blogging !

  39. Just read those nasty comments from your Egg Roast post, from both the comments, I felt it was the same person using different names each time. There was nothing wrong about your reaction. I would have done the same. Now I don't publish such comments.

  40. Hey looks like I am pretty late over here!!!...but nevertheless a big congratulations on the way for doing what you are doing!..great good..and keep going for many more years!..:)

  41. Hi Divya..
    Congratulations on completingone year:)
    I made Masala cashewnuts today.My dad is a die-hard fan of masala cashewnuts and masala kadala.I served it with tea.My dad popped one into his mouth and asked,"when did you buy this?"Dat comment made my day..Thanks a lot for sharing this recipe


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