Tuesday, January 1, 2008

Bookmarked Recipes

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On a daily basis,I bookmark around 10-15 recipes.Sometimes,the recipe gets made and reaches my blog in less than a day or two but sometimes,it gets drowned in my bookmarked folders.So I am writing it down here so that I can keep track of my progress and let you know how I am faring.Meanwhile,you can also check out these wonderful recipes and tempt me by making them ahead of me,that should speed me up!

Here are some recipes which I am dying to try out[in no particular order!]

Grandmother Bread from Chickens in the Road - Done!

Blueberry White Chocolate chip Cookies from Cook Bake Love - Done!

Death by Chocolate Cupcakes from Sally's Baking Addiction

No Knead Yeasted Banana cardamom Bread Rolls from My Diverse Kitchen - Done!

Mini Caramel Fudge Tarts from Maria's Menu - Done!

Chequered Eggless Banana Cake from Sunita's World

Vegetable Lasagna from The Pioneer Woman

Garlic and Baby Onions Vetha Kuzhambu from Love and Lentils

Espresso Chocolate chip Pound Cake with Ganache glaze from Jane's Sweets & Baking Journal - Done!

Walnut Snowball Cookies from Simply Recipes - Done!

Peanut Butter-Banana Bread with Chocolate Chips from Brown Eyed Baker - Done!

Cinnamon Rolls from Ria's Collection - Done!

Chettinad Mushroom Biryani from Escapades - Done!

Dates Bread from Treat and Trick - Done!

One-bowl Vanilla Yellow Cake from My Diverse Kitchen - Done!

Cauliflower Masala Dosa from Love and Lentils - Done!

Bakery Style Cinnamon Bursts from Swapna's Cuisine

Perfect Vanilla Cupcakes from Glorious Treats

Browned Butter Nutella Swirled Blondies from Cookies and Cups

Cookies and Cream Cupcakes from Bakerella

Oreo Espresso Muffins from Baker Street - Done!

Creamy Egg Curry from Finger Licking Food

Eggless Quick Microwave Brownie from Art of Dessert - Done!

Iyengar Style Khara Bread from Versatile Vegetarian Kitchen

Almond Carrot Kheer from Spicy Chilly -- Done!

Food Processor Focaccia from Hot polka dot - Done!

Tomato Thokku from Rak's Kitchen

My favorite Yellow Cake from Tasty Kitchen -- Done!

Homemade Puff Pastry from vahrevah.com

Eggless Golden Yellow Cake from Divine Taste -- Done!

Karikku Pudding from My Treasure My Pleasure

Homemade Laadi Pav recipe from My Diverse Kitchen

Mava Cake from Raaga's Singing Chef

No-Knead Nutella and Orange Rolls from Cakes and More

Spiced Carrot Cake from Martha Stewart

Mughlai Vegetable Biryani from Veggie Belly

Herbed Spicy Garlic Pullapart Bread from Versatile Vegetarian Kitchen - Done!

Homemade Chocolate Granola from Deeba's blog

Nutella Butter Cake from Cook Republic - Done!

A Brownie with Aspirations from Dessert First - Done!

Orange Yogurt Loaf cake from Sprinkle Bakes - Done!

The Fluffiest Cinnamon Rolls from The Purple Foodie

Almond and Choco-chip Cupcakes from PAB

Twix Candy Bar Triple Chocolate Brownies from Edible Garden - Done!

Garlic Breadsticks from Bombay Foodie - Done!

PW Dinner Rolls from The Pioneer Woman

Muffins that taste like Doughnuts from Tasty Kitchen

Cream Cheese Pound Cake from The Food Librarian


  1. Hi Divya....

    I ve been following ur blog for the past 2 months....and I need to admit that it has changed my view abt cooking ..By now I ve made more than 10 recipes from ur blog...of which 80% are cakes...Everything has come out really well & perfect..

    what I like the most in ur posts are that the ingredients are very easily available & it is explained in a simple manner ..wat else does a reader needs?

    Keep up the good work...& Thanks a lot for sharing them...



    1. Thank you so much Amita,your feedback means a lot to me!

  2. HI Divya...
    ur recipes are very easy n delicious at the same time. and with step by step pictures posted, it becomes everyone's cup of tea.
    how do i come to know any new addition to ur list of recipes? (as i don wanna miss on anything new)


    1. Thanks so much Richa.You can stay updated by subscribing to the blog's feed.The button for the same is on the top right hand side bar.

  3. Keep up the good work......

  4. Excellent work! I am now a regular visitor. I’ve tried making bread and baking cakes by simply following your recipe and the result is fantastic.

    Thank you so much for making me fall in love with cooking :)

  5. Thanks to Edible Garden blog!! I just got to know about this easy cooking website from them!
    Divya, what a wonderful range of recipes you are sharing here. I simply love your easy cooking ideas:)

  6. Divya, I'm new to baking and therefore your blog. I've tried out couple of recipes as posted by you and they have come out fantastic. My family thinks that baking comes to me naturally...little do they know...all thanks to you.
    I'm going to be a regular visitor of your blog...and you can add my name to your fan list.
    thanks for sharing such wonderful delights.



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