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Basket Weave Cake Tutorial | Cake Decorating Tutorial

Disclaimer - I am no cake decorating expert and do not claim that this is the right way to do a basket weave.I just find this method easy and thought of sharing it with you all :)

Cake decorating is something I developed an interest in a while back.Mostly because I was baking for orders and when I sell something I want it to look picture perfect.Though I am not saying my creations are perfect,but you know what I mean,right?
Someone asked me if this was my "Signature style" since I have done quite a lot of cakes in this pattern.If you follow me on Instagram,you must have seen a couple of cakes in this pattern.I would say this isn't exactly my signature as yet,but no reason why it shouldn't be right,it is indeed a pretty design!!I do this mostly on clients demand,most of them are intrigued by this pattern and I am not planning to tell them this is one of the easiest decorations ever[at least not any time soon :)]

So without further ado,let's see how to make basket weaves on cake :)

Basket Weave Cake

Things required

One 8' round Cake - Here I've used an Eggless Chocolate Cake*
Basket Weave Tip - Ateco 48
Disposable Icing bags -1
Cake Board
Sugar syrup***
Bench scraper/Icing comb
Icing Spatula (Offset)
Cake Turntable
Serrated knife or a Cake Leveler

How to Proceed

*Bake the cake,let it cool completely and then cover it in cling wrap and refrigerate it overnight or for at least 3-4 hours.Chilled cakes are easier to torte and crumb coat.
I have used an eggless recipe here.You could use any recipe of your choice.I will add some recipe links at the end of this post.
**Make the ganache and set it overnight in room temperature or if you are short on time,refrigerate the ganache till it sets and use it as required.I have used a mix of Dark and Milk chocolate as that's how I prefer.
I used 250ml of Amul Cream and 450gms of Chocolate for one batch of chocolate ganache.
***Sugar syrup is made with one part of sugar to 2 parts of water.Just boil it till sugar dissolves completely and then let it cool down and use.I usually do not flavor the sugar syrup and use it as is.

I always lay sheets of newspaper on my kitchen counter before starting the decorating process so that when I am done,I just have to dispose off the paper leaving my kitchen counter clean.
Remove the cling wrap from the cake and 
level the top using a serrated knife or a cake leveler.
Torte the cake - this is just cutting the cake horizontally into layers(2 or more)so that you could fill it with filing of your choice.
Place the layers on individual cake boards and drizzle with sugar syrup.
This is done mainly to moisten the cake layers and keep them from drying out when you refrigerate the cake.
"How much sugar syrup to add" depends on the cake you have - I feel oil based cakes absorb more syrup while butter based cakes become soggy if you add more syrup than required.
Place the cake board on a cake turntable and dab a little ganache on the board.
Place one layer cake on the board and add the filling - 
I used ganache here.You could add chocolate chips,crushed Oreo,Butterscotch chips for added texture - 
I added some chocolate chips.
Place the second layer on top and do a crumb coat.
Crumb coat is a rough coat done mainly to seal in the crumbs and make it easier while you do the final coat of frosting.Refrigerate the cake for at least 15-20 minutes.
After chilling the cake,do the final coat of frosting.

Time to fill the icing bags.
I use the glass method to fill my icing bag.
Place the nozzle in the icing bag by snipping the end of the bag and placing the nozzle in it.
Use a big plastic glass and place your icing bag in it.Fill about little more than half of the bag with ganache.
Twist the bag closed and remove air bubbles if any by squeezing some of the icing by the tip into the bowl.

Mark vertical lines about half an inch apart on top of the cake using a scale (or as I did using the back of the serrated knife)
Start piping a vertical line of icing on the first marked line.
Beginning from the top of this line,start piping small horizontal stripes of icing with equal distance between all stripes.The distance should be the same as the size of the weave stripe.
Pipe another vertical line on the marked line-this should be on top of the horizontal stripes on the previous vertical line.
Repeat the steps.
Always do a vertical line first and then the horizontal stripes.It is slightly tricky when it reaches the end(also the beginning)since we are doing this on a round cake.

Finish off with a sprinkle of chocolate sprinkles on the sides(mainly to cover up the end portion but it looks pretty at the the same time!)


Here are a few Eggless Recipes to try

Basic Vanilla Cake - This is one of the most foolproof eggless recipe you will ever come across.Once you master this recipe,you could add different flavors of choice and make this as a base for endless cake flavors.

Eggless Devil's Food Cake - If chocolate is your weakness,this recipe is one not to be missed.With a deep chocolate flavor and a lovely mahogany colour,this one is a gem.

Eggless Chocolate Walnut Cake - This recipe is the Chocolate version of the Basic Vanilla cake.It can be had plain as well as be used as a base for layer cakes(skip the walnuts if you want it plain or while using in layer cakes).

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