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Kerala Porotta with Green Peas Masala

Whenever my friends/relatives/acquaintances chance upon my blog[some through my Orkut profile and some through Google search],the first thing they ask me is-did you really cook that??Of course I did folks,what makes you think that I can’t cook?I can’t blame them fully though.My friends from school were pleasantly surprised when I told them about the blog.They couldn’t believe that the lazy teenager they knew from school actually cooks!!One of them even told me that it was not my skill at all,since my amma cooks well,somewhere it might have rubbed onto me…excuse me???;-);-)

I felt really happy when one of my friends[a typical Kerala Christian]told me that she tries out my Idli Upma whenever there’s leftover idlis and my Kukka Humman with chapathis,and she makes them on a regular basis.Another friend asked me how to make Masala Dosa,coz she wanted to surprise her hubby.One of them told me that she hops on to my blog whenever she is in doubt about a vegetarian curry.I guess these are all indirect compliments and they matter a lot to me.Friends,I would prefer if you could comment on the blog instead of mailing takes almost the same amount of time right??;-)

Sometime back,I got a mail from a person called Neena.She told me that she follows my blog regularly and she identifies with my style of cooking since,she was also a Konkani,born and brought up in Kerala,then came to Chennai.I felt even more happy when she made a recipe request.She asked me whether I could recreate the Kerala special-Porotta and Peas Masala in my blog.Your request is my command dear!!

I followed Cham’s recipe for Porotta .
Kerala Porotta-Refer Cham’s detailed recipe with step by step procedures for making Porotta,with a Kerala twist.I tried the same recipe with wheat flour too.The result was a super soft layered chapathi,which cannot be called Porotta;-)
Green Peas Masala [Recipe source – Vanitha Magazine]


Green peas – 100 gms fresh/frozen
Onion – 1,finely chopped
Curry leaves – 2 sprigs
Tomato – 1,finely chopped
Ginger-garlic paste – 2 tsp
Red chilly powder – 1 ½ tsp
Coriander powder – 2 tsp
Haldi – ½ tsp
Garam masala powder – 1 tsp
Coconut milk – 1 cup[thick,first milk-Onnam pal]
Coconut oil – 1 tbsp
Mustard seeds – ½ tsp
Salt to taste


In a kadai,add oil and splutter mustard seeds.
Add curry leaves and onions and sauté till the onions become light brown.
Add ginger garlic paste and sauté till the raw smell of the paste goes.
Now add the tomato and the masala powders.
Stir till the oil starts separating[At any point if you feel the masala might burn,add a few drops of water].
Now add the cooked peas and salt to taste.
Slowly add the coconut milk,keep the heat on low.
Mix well and let it simmer.
Add freshly chopped coriander leaves and serve hot.
Goes well with Idiyappam,Puttu and Porotta!!


  1. Green pea masala looks yum Divya.. Simple & delicious.

  2. These porottas are my daughter's absolute favourite, especially when we go to Kerala. She loves it with kurma, this curry or sambhar!

  3. Vanitha serving you very well my dear girl, Peas massla looks fabulous, I will try with dry peas since frozen peas we get here is too sweet for Indian dishes. Paratha, I tried once, loved it. Hard work thought, maida dough rolls just keep on shrinking! :D
    Once when I was 18, my mom had to go to her mom's place and asked to cook just rice and saaru for my dad for the first time in my life. I said no way because I didn't know how to! She left the cook behind she was planning to take him with her! :P
    I think cooking innate. I have seen some struggle for yrs and still don't know how to cook well. I started cooking few days after I was married, had to cook or starve! I did it with ease like I had cooked all my life and I was 22yrs old!

  4. Peas Masala looks delishhh..My try to paratos are always a disaster..I stopped trying long back...but love to have them..It happens to me too.if i say i have a food blog...even my mom and my own bro don't believe it..Haha

  5. Yumm, a delicious combo that is. Love the layered kerala parotas.

  6. i just love this combo! your porottas look really good...i could never manage to get those layers!

  7. He he the wheat one turn into chapati, as far we know, the roadside shop do only in maida. Once in a while making and eating at home will not harm. U ve really done a great job, I should agree the recipe is not the easiest one. Love the peas masala :)

  8. Lovely combo...I would love to try this..Yumm

  9. Looks super delicious.. and the layers look so neat.. I have bookmarked to try them but may be after some time..We are planning to shift our home and that will keep me busy for sometime now

  10. oohh thats amazing this is all time fav at my home so so mouthwatering simple and nice green peas recipe will try this

  11. Pavani..thank you!!

    Aparna..thanks.My favorite too,glad that we get good porottas in Kerala restuarnts here;-).Just like Poori is boori in Kerala,Porotta is Barotta in Chennai..;-)!!

    Ashakka..yup,I'm discovering so many new recipes in my treasure house Vanitha..taking a break from baking and cooking up all those authentic delicacies!!

    Mrs.Kannan..thank you.This is the first time I'm trying to make porotta at home.It came out well,try Cham's recipe,it works!!

    Maya,Superchef..thanks so much!!

    Cham..thanks to YOU for coming up with such a great recipe.Since the said measurement only made 5 porottas,I thought of making some chapathis too,thats when the thought of making wheat porotta struck me,sad to say-it wasn't such a great idea;-)!!!

    Pavithra,Rekha..thanks so much!!

    Uj..thank you.Take your time..Happy shifting!!

  12. Love the parottas and masala.I too tried Chams Parotta recipe.This recipe in Vanitha I somehow missed.I have got a yearload of Vanitha to finish off.The masala is too tempting.I too love the parotta,but I am a lousy shaper.So I have given up now.Its time I made it again

  13. Divya, loved the pic of your green peas masala. About the mail part, I also receive mails about the blog and I too wish if they could have commented on the blog instead, hhmm...

  14. Lovely recipe. I am feeling hungry now. Will try it.

  15. yummy combo ..i would love to try this for the weekend..

  16. that paratha and the curry looks just perfect

  17. Looks delicious ! Loved the picture of peas masala, will give it a try next time :-)

  18. lol at cooking not being your skill :)) The only time I made the kerala style porotta was when I wanted to make kothu parotta :)) This combo sounds delicious, and like Asha had said, I might have to try it with dried peas.
    I got so used to dumping the tender frozen sweet peas directly into dishes in the end here, that on my last trip to India I did the same with the peas my mom had. They took much longer to cook and I nearly ruined the whole dish by overcooking the rest, hehe.

  19. I too tried Cham's recipe and it came out perfect..nice combi

  20. i love parottas, lovely color for the green peas masala! yummy meal!

  21. THANKS DIVYA........ surely try and tell, how it came out.........thank u so much for sharing the recipe.......

  22. Wow..wonderful parotta here! Tks for sharing both recipes the pics r droolofying dear! Wd attempt parotta once, since u hv beautifully put up the description! :) Thks again!

  23. I had asked my maid to soak the green piece yesterday night. today morning she reports that she does n't know how to make green piece masala. Then your recepe came for my resque. Thanks a lot.--Ravi

  24. Thank you, I was searching for this recipe

  25. So easy to make with frozen peas when you are running out of vegetables..Tried this twice...both times were appreciated greatly !

  26. yep it is great i tried it and it came out well.thanks divya

  27. Since I'm a bachelor, I always search for these kind of simple recipes. Today I tried this with a slight difference. Instead of coconut milk I added fine paste of coconut, and it came well.


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