Sunday, October 20, 2019

Arjun turns FIVE :)

If I start the post by saying..."but isn't it yesterday I shared the good news of his birth to all of you",it would be a cliche.But it's true.Time seems to have flown by so quickly that I still cannot believe he's five :)

There are a few things which haven't changed though..he's as cute,charming,smart{of course I'm his mom and I'm biased;)}kind,thoughtful and naughty as ever.His teachers from school tell me the whole class is in his friends circle and he loves going to school and playing with his friends.He has a wide circle of friends in our apartment too and I'm happy about that.

Every year,I look forward to baking his Birthday Cake.I have to say this,Arjun just like his dad,does not have a sweet tooth.He's crazy about chocolates but other than that,nothing.He likes his cakes and cupcakes to be plain and without frosting if he ever eats them,that is.So when I asked him,he said he wants a chocolate cake with lots of sprinkles and a giraffe.

I'm no fondant expert and my giraffe hardly looked like one but he loved it.

Eyes sparkling with excitement and sloppy kisses are proof of that :)

We had a small party at home with his friends and we had a blast :)

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