Wednesday, October 19, 2016

Arjun is TWO!

It really feels surreal to post this birthday update of Arjun as I'm still reeling over the fact that he did,indeed turn two years old!I mean,how is that even possible?Time is flying at an alarming rate as I'm struggling to soak it all up.The cuddles,bear hugs and kisses with which I begin my day to the non-stop activity throughout the day and some more cuddles and kisses with which the day ends,I couldn't ask for more!

We decided to have a low-key birthday party this year,with just a very few close friends.A cake cutting,a beach outing and a dinner at our favorite restaurant.

The cake was a simple one too.Being home alone with a playful and hyper active toddler,I couldn't dare to think something out of the box.He's fascinated with Elephants these days and the design I took is from his favorite pillow.His reaction after seeing the cake was priceless,a big elephant roar :)

Cake flavor - Eggless Marble and Chocolate cake filled with Dark chocolate ganache and frosted with whipped buttercream.
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