Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Bhajil Phov/Chivda and some Goodies

Even though it doesn’t feel so good to be back from a stay in either Bangalore or Ernakulam,the goodies left to be unpacked provide the much sought after relief.The first to be unpacked before everything else-it gives a huge sense of happiness to devour something which amma(both of them)has packed so lovingly for us.I almost have a standard list of stuff to be bought back from both the places and even without me telling,it would be ready by the time we reach there.For example,standard stuff from Bangalore would be – Thin poha,Kashmiri Chillies,Pulses like Tori,Thingalavro,Kulith etc,Baked stuff from Warriers Bakery and ma-in-law’s home-made Ghee & Chivda.

This time,I was twice as lucky as my Vanni had bought me some much needed stuff from Botswana-SA.I had a big list prepared and the topmost was Puffpastry.I am so excited to see the stuff inside the freezer and can’t wait to don the baking hat and bake to my hearts content;-).

Bhajil Phov/Chivda/Poha mixture is a much loved snack as it is almost low-fat,something which my hubby calls a non-guilty snack.There are different ways to prepare it and am sure all are equally tasty,keep adding ingredients and you can give it a different taste each time.Amma makes a similar mixture at home which we call – Phova upkari.

Bhajil Phov/Chivda


Thin Poha – ½ kilo
Oil – 3 tbsp
Mustard seeds – 1 tsp
Jeera – 1 tsp
Dalia[Roasted dal] – 1 tbsp
Garlic[crushed] – 10
Hing/asafoetida – ½ tsp
Haldi/turmeric powder – 1 tsp
Peanuts – 1 handful
Green chillies – 2-3 slit lengthwise
Red chillies – 2-3 cut into two
Curry leaves – 1-2 sprigs
Salt to taste


Dry the poha in the sun till it becomes crisp OR roast it in a thick bottomed kadai OR bake it in a preheated oven on low heat.
In a big kadai add the oil and roast the peanuts till done-remove and drain.
In the same oil add the crushed garlic and roast till it becomes brown and crisp-remove and drain.
Now add the mustard seeds,jeera,chillies,dalia,hing,haldi and the curry leaves.
Mix well till the chillies and curry leaves become crisp.
Add the roasted peanuts and garlic and mix well.
Add salt to the tadka,mix well and then add the crisp poha.[adding salt to the tadka ensures the even distribution of salt]
Mix well and turn off the heat.
Let it cool and then transfer to an airtight container.
This is tasty as it is,but even more if you add a sprinkle of sugar and freshly grated coconut while serving.

A request-Can someone please tell me where I can buy/order some stuff in India? Like the classic bundt pan,ramekins and silicone bakingware.I tried in Amazon but they ship these stuff only within US.If you have any idea please e-mail me the details.Thanks in advance!


  1. Chivda looks yummy. Enjoy with the goodies you got and hoping to see many new dishes soon.

  2. This chivda is indeed a guilt-free snack.
    Loking forward to ur baking experimets with the puff pastry sheets. Lucky you.

  3. Oh! I love those paper thin Avalakki we used to get in B'lore. My mom used to make a sweet snack from those. I get only thick poha here. Savory snack look so yummy, D! :)
    It snowed 6" y'day and today all the snow turned to ice, no school for kids for 2 days now!

  4. Wow puff pastry from bostwana????????
    Enjoy all the goddies and also baking with them.

  5. Hi divya, lovely post on both your blogs. Felt sad for the gal too. I have a habit of butting into ppl's sorrows and guess if I was in the train would have gone up to her and asked what the prob was (it's a habit I got after working in NHRC :)

    about the getting the stuff in India, I don't yet know where exactly you are located but can see from your post that you visit both Chennai and Bangalore often, so maybe you can try Westside for ramekins and bakingwares. Nick Nash in Forum mall too stores diff things at diff times. I guess if you cruise through the malls you might find these beauties stashed away in some corner and of course if you are familiar with the by lanes of Commercial Street the possibilities of finding everything under the sun is endless. I used to spend hours roaming in those streets. Wishing you all the best for your hunting!!!!

  6. This chivda is one of my faves, looks delicious! Your cardamom cookies below look very yum too:-)

  7. Divu..wowie..that stuff frm bostwana is amazing! Am sure u must b as excited n thrilled to use up n click all ur culinary adventures!(read - bako-ventures!)I hv also not used phyllo...wd use ur recipe for sure for my first adventure wt phyllo sheet :D
    Am here after lazy vacation..hv to catch up on ur previous posts as well..CHIVDA(I digressed!) is very inviting!Wd make for my kids (Amma makes phova upkari..coconut+jaggery+sambhar pwdr+elaichi pwdr-mix well..add thin phovu..snack crazily on it! :D-thats my amma!)

  8. Wow u ve so much work in Baking area, Nice friend. Tasty poha!

  9. this is such an easy snack to make and even more easier one to finish eating :) love it!

  10. Hey Divya,

    You can also microwave the phoa instead of roasting it.. we did it that way in Kochi and it worked well for poha ukkari..it was good. I also tried your low fat cauliflower manchoorian by microwaving the cauliflowe instead of roasting it in the pan and it came out good..thanks!


  11. Hey Divya, Bhajjil Phovu looks very yummy. We don't add garlic in our phova chivda but i love the garlicy flavor in chivdas. can i have a bowl of this.

  12. Looks yummy.. I am missing all the items that your standard list mentions.. tori tingalavro :)

  13. lovely snack..and so nice to see the goodies..waiting to see more of baking from you..

  14. what stuff do you want? I shall send you an email... with my number. Let's talk :)


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