Thursday, March 12, 2009

Vellarikka Kichadi ~ Cucumber in Coconut-Yogurt gravy

I had mentioned in an earlier post that I was in the process of compiling some recipes from Vanitha magazine and made a treasure-book of recipes for me and the blog;-).I cant tell you how much I am beginning to enjoy reading through and trying out the recipes.Let me give you some intro on the mag.It usually has a chunk of its portion devoted to Paachakam[cookery] and that’s the first section I check out every time I buy it.Every month the in-house chef will whip up 3-4 dishes based on a single ingredient,there would be a section for readers’ recipes,a restaurant review with recipe of their popular dish and then the festival editions.

While I was going through the book,I realized that I had almost 3 different sets of recipes for festivals starting from Pongal in January and till Christmas in December;-).I am glad that I took the trouble of tearing the recipe pages from the magazine and binding it together.I came across some easy to make recipes in one of the Onam Sadya editions.Vellarika Kichadi is one of those.No,don’t confuse it with this Kichadi or the savoury one.This is a totally different curry with cucumber in coconut-yogurt gravy.

Vellarikka Kichadi -Recipe source Vanitha magazine


Cucumber – 1,small-grated or chopped finely
Salt to taste
Curd – ½ cup

To be ground into a masala

Grated coconut – 3 tbsp
Green chilly – 1
Mustard seeds – ½ tsp

For the seasoning

Coconut oil – 1 tsp
Mustard seeds – ½ tsp
Curry leaves – 1 sprig


Grind to a smooth paste the ingredients given for the masala.
Add it to the cucumber and mix well.
Whisk the curd and add it to the curry and add salt to taste.
Prepare seasoning in a pan with oil,splutter mustard seeds and add curry leaves.

Kichadi is similar to Cucumber Raita,but with a Kerala twist.Sending this across to Neha of Tasty recipes who is hosting this month’s AFAM-Cucumber,an event started by Maheshwari of Beyond the Usual.

One more happy news is that I got a very cute set of business cards from Foodbuzz and I was almost jumping with joy when I got it in the courier.I am still stumped looking at it and don't know if I would ever part with them..;-).Thank you Foodbuzz!!


  1. this is a must try in summer :)

    I couldn't stop squealing when I got my cards too... I so know the feeling.

  2. Looks so yumm, i too get my vanitha avery 2 weeks, and i love it, the first thing i look is what all dleicious recipe they have.

  3. I am so making this yummy dish. Love the cucumber dishes. My mom reads this Vanitha and Sudha mags in kannada all the time and I used to cut the recipes for her too!:)

    Enjoy your gifts. Hugs.

  4. Look so tasty with seasoning!

  5. Love this..One of our fav for the summer..Yumm

  6. we usually make this along with the rest of the sadya food at home...sometimes its just the coconut-yoghurt gravy part and some okra is fried along with the other tadka and mixed in this. I also add some ginger while grinding the coconut!! love it!!

  7. My MIL makes this but I never knew the name of the dish. Perfect to be made in summers since cucumber and curds have cooling effect :D Congratulations with Foodbuzz cards. Its hard to part them as they are very very cute :D

  8. The kichdi looks so yumm Divya. I love the recipes in vanitha too.Mom gets it every fortnight and used to love going through the recipe section. I love the vendakaaya(bhindi) kichdi too (that's my favorite actually).All this has got me hungry already.

  9. Loved the kichdi divya...vanitha recipes are one that I love too. Mom gets it and used to love going thru the recipe section (the very first thing to do). The Vendakaya (bhindi) kichdi is my favorite (just love it).All this has got me hungry already(blog hopping before breakfast is a tough job:))

  10. looks good..a good side dish for sambar rice..

  11. I really feel, that cucumber n curd goes very well together.., it really looks good.
    Thanx for sending..

  12. Hi Divya,

    This is like the Taushche sassam made by konkanis.. my mom makes this all the time.


  13. Loved this dish= coconut paste+curd..oh I love the combo anyways! to me, the name, Kichadi, n wow u actually hv cut n glued recipes for fest! Hmm...'Bloggers envy, owner's pride!' :D I shall try this soon!

  14. I love the combination of cucumber and curd; we do a similar curry with cucumber but as you said, there's the kerala touch with the presence of coconut and coconut oil; that must be delicious!


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