Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Malai Cookies & An Award

Before buying the MW,I asked many of my friends for opinion on what to buy-a MW or an OTG.Majority of them said MW because of the convenience in reheating,maintaining nutrition etc etc.Went with the majority and got a MW,but when it comes to baking cakes-the yellow cakes with brown crust,well browned cookies etc,I really wished I had purchased an OTG instead.What to do,now I have no choice but to utilize my MW to the maximum,right?Luckily,I got an all features included MW,which has convection,grill etc,I guess these days every MW comes with that na?So I could still make all those yummies using the convection mode on my MW-yes,thats what I did yesterday.

Had thought of making cookies the moment I purchased a Cake&Cookies recipe book by Nita Mehta.I had some home-made malai in the fridge and this recipe sounded so so simple!! I thought of starting my experimental sojourn with this one.It required very less amount of ingredients-perfect for me in case it becomes a flop!!But guess what?It was a success,yeah it was-my happiness knew no bounds when the cookies turned out exactly like the pictures in the cook book!!I am very happy!!YAY!!!

Malai Cookies


Malai(Milk topping) - 1/2 cup
Sugar - 1/2 cup
Flour/Maida - 3/4 - 1 cup
Powdered Cardamom - 1/2 tsp
Almonds(halved) - 5-7


Mix malai and sugar lightly with a fork.
Sift maida,add the maida to the malai mixture.
Add cardamom powder.
Knead lightly to form a soft dough.
Form round balls,flatten slightly.
Lightly grease an oven tray and place the balls on it,1" apart.
Press halved almond on top on each cookies.
Bake in a preheated oven at 200 D/400 F for 10-12 minutes,until edges of the cookies are golden and top still whitish.
Remove tray from oven and quickly and carefully lift cookies off with a knife and put them on a surface to cool and become crisp.

An Award

Skribles of Food with a pinch of love has passed me this award-Blogging with a purpose.Thank you so much Skribles!!!

I would like to pass this award to -

Raaga of The Singing Chef
Seema of My Randap
Maya of Konkan World
Uma of Essence of Andhra &
Priyanka of Asankhana

Congrats!!Enjoy your award girls!!!;-)


  1. Divya, CONGRATS on ur award! The cookies on mw tooooo good...(in mumbai, i cant bake even though there is an OTG as unsalted butter seems scarce! I m surprised..having asked in over 5 shops, i gave up!so something involving butter is ruled out for baking...guess only shilpas cake wt oil and few of ur lovely recipes will b made here!wd surely keep u posted )

  2. Malaii cookies looks yummy....nice and easy recipe...

  3. delicious cookies! Feeling like eat them from the picture itself.

    Congrats on the well deserved award and thank you for passing it to me Divya!

  4. awesome divya!!thats one different cookie i have come across..cookies from malai huh!!!lovely..looks yumm too :)..great job..

  5. Beautiful looking cookies!:)

  6. enjoy cooking in ur new MW and also ur awards...those cookies lool delish

  7. Wow divya!! Your cookies has turned out perfect!! Iam also quiet a novice in making cookies, for me it usually ends up with the cookie's shape getting altered when it expands and expands:(.....So how did you make this malai?? did you like buy a homemade version from the store?

  8. I prefer an OTG too for baking, but its better if you have convection I guess. Mine doesn't! But with Nita Mehta you just can't go wrong. Yours look great and I am not surprised they turned out tasty - All your recipes are:)

  9. Congrates for the award dear. and ur malai cookies looking amazing. will try it. very tasty in looks.

  10. Divya,
    These cookies look yummy. I am going to try these early tomorrow morning and will let you know how they turned out.

  11. Wow, the cookies look rich and delicious. They might have all gone in one shot rite ?? Congrats on your awards girl and thanx for passing it on to me. Am really honoured :)

  12. Malai cookies looks yummy. That too with few ingredients. Bookmarked.
    Congrats on the award.


  14. Somebody is blogging everyday..hmmm (bad habit) ;)...jus kidding..:)

    HUGS! you too, sweet of you!!!..will def take up :)

    Of course you have the most perfect and yummiest desserts all around!..Love the bread pudding!..should certainly try!

    Thanx again

  15. Purnima'di...thank you.So good to see your comment,so you are on a holiday..hmm no wonder I didn't see you around.Happy holidays!!!

    Priti,thank you!!

    Uma,thank you!!

    Ranji,Ashakka,Bhags-thanks so much!!

    Roopa,thank you.Its pretty easy,i don't know why I avoided it for so long.Malai is nothing but Doodha Saya collected over a period of time(refrigerated).

  16. Sunshinemom,thank you!!yup,thank God I have a convection setting..otherwise,I couldn't have made this!!

    Bhawana,thank you!!

    Lata,thank you!!Waiting to hear how they turned out!!

    Maya,thank you!!Yup they came out really well and were over in a sitting(there were 12 of them) and I've already made another set,but this time-butter cookies!!

    Jayasree,thank you!!

    Priyanka,thank you!!

    Bharathy,thank you!!Don't know for how long,hehe.BTW,I think you referred to my pineapple pudding huh?coz I haven't made bread pudding;-)

  17. Divya, you can use the convection mode in your MW oven to bake cakes. I did that at my parents' place when I visited few months back.

  18. Yum Yum cookies.. looks great & perfect to the T!

    Congrats on the award.. you desrve it & your good with pretty much a new recipe everyday.. wonder how u do it! I have become bad now with blogging.....Feel sad :-(
    You brightened my day by passing an award to me.. Thank uuuuuuuuuu :-)Feels great to get another one from u....

  19. I meant that yummy custard pudding from nupur's which has bread in it :)..right?? :)

  20. Laavanya,thanks for the tip.Cookies turned out great,now gonna try making cakes!!

    Seema,thank you for all those encouraging words!!Hugs to you.Don't worry,you are gonna come back with a bang,I am waiting!!;-)

    Oh Bharathy-sorry.When you said bread pudding,thought it was something else.So sweet of you!!

  21. Hi Divya,

    Actually I'm new to this group of bloggers, but guys u'll r mind blowing. Never thought cooking could such fun. I've actually started spending atleast 1hr everyday, going thru all ur food blogs. I feel inspired to start my own blog.

    Divya, yum looking cookies, going to try them today, itself. My kids will surely love them. BTW, do tell me how do u preheat in a microwave, we cannot run it empty if i'm not mistaken.

    do help me out.


  22. Sheila,thank you so much for your encouraging comments!!Do start your own blog-its really great fun!!

    Regdng making cookies in MW-I have a MW/Grill/Convection MW oven.You can preheat the oven as you would do in a normal oven and yes,you can run it empty!!Hope I have answered your queries!!

  23. Divu, bhaari laayak aayli cookies..gobbled 4 already..hee..i used ready cream we get here, hence had to add a bit more flour..wonderful recipe..tks for sharing!!

  24. Congratulations on ur award..I am faced with the same dilemma...but I do use a lot of my MW...:) (sadly mine is just basic...the one that came with the appartment)...
    my first time here, n loved reading u...would love to have u around at my place too.:)

  25. Hi Divya

    I tried making these cookies today...they looked perfect but did not turn out to be crispy...they were quite chewy in the middle.

    I baked them for around 17-18 mins and quickly lifted them off to cool.

    Any suggestions as to where I went wrong?

  26. Just wanted to point out a small error in this recipe. The amount of flour should be 1/2(half) cup. I have this book and just checked it.
    Good to know that it turned out great for you :)


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