Tuesday, July 15, 2008

Eggless Peanut Butter Cookies

Last weekend was a boring one..hubby was out of station and I was all alone:-(.Enough of TV watching..enough of reading..I got into something which I can never get enough of.Yes,you guessed right..blogging.While I was going through my blog,it suddenly struck me that I am only a few posts away from my 100th post!!Wow..I got so excited.I started thinking of the special dish to post on my blog for the 100th one.I badly wanted to try a popular dish doing its rounds in the blogosphere,but was quite hesitant.Anyway,I had all the ingredients in my kitchen and at the height of my boredom,took the plunge and made it.It came out beautifully and I just cant wait for the 100th post now.Can you guys guess what I made???Start guessing..(Update-Check out my 100th post here!)

I wanted to bake a new batch of cookies ever since the last batch got over in two days.Hubby said he prefers having cookies rather than a piece of cake because having a cake often makes one feel guilty because of the calories.I agree cookies too have enough calories,but still.He does not have a sweet tooth and I am trying to maintain my diet,so baking a cookie sounded better.After my beginners luck stint in baking in convection mode on MW,I am all set to try new stuff to bake.Was blog-hopping to search which cookie to bake which had a healthier tone to it,struck upon Shammi's blog and saw her eggless cookie series.Bingo!Since I already made these which are quite similar to these,I wanted to try something different and Peanut butter cookies sounded very apt.I had some not-easy-to-spread peanut butter in my shelf which was nearing its expiry date.I put it to good use and baked some yummy cookies.I tweaked Shammi's recipe a bit and added some oats too,just to satisfy my guilt pangs;-)

Eggless Peanut Butter Cookies


Maida - 1 and 1/2 cup
(I substituted 1/2 cup of maida with half cup oats ie 1 cup maida and 1/2 cup oats-optional)
Baking powder - 1/2 tsp
Salt - 1/4 tsp
Butter - 1/2 cup
Peanut butter - 1/2 cup
Vanilla essence - 1 tsp
Sugar - 1/4 cup demerara sugar and 1/4 cup sugar-I used 1/2 cup normal white sugar.
Cornflour - 2 tbsp
Milk - 2-3 tbsp


Preheat oven to 150*C.
Sift together flour,oats,baking powder,salt and cornflour.Keep aside.
Beat butter,peanut butter and vanilla essence in a large bowl.
Beat in sugar.
Stir half of the flour mix.Mix well.
Stir in the other half too and mix well.
Add milk if the dough is too dry.
Roll the dough into small balls,flatten a bit with a fork and make a criss-cross pattern.
Arrange the cookies in a tray and bake for 18 minutes in 150*C,until the cookies are dry on top.
Remove from oven and let the cookies cool completely before storing them in an airtight box.

P.S-The temperature for baking the cookies might differ.Shammi's recipe calls for baking them in 180*C for 15-16 minutes.I pre-heated the oven and kept the cookies inside,within 5 minutes into baking the cookies started getting burnt on the top.So I lowered the temperature to 150*C and baked for 18 minutes and they came out fine.So,set the temperature accordingly.

I had bookmarked this recipe when Shammi posted it and came around making it successfully.So I am sending these to Ruth for her Bookmarked Recipes event.

Awards Time

My dear blogger friends have been kind enough to me and passed some beautiful awards to me.Thank you so much dear friends!!!

Seema,Suma and Ranji have passed on to me Friendship award and Yum yum Blog Award-Thank you so much folks!!!


  1. congratulations on your 100th post .. the cookies very tempting ..

  2. YUM YUM awards & cookies Divya & well-deserved too. I love the way your cookies look, & also the addition of oats! Waiting to see the 100th post...was it a panna cotta, or maybe an ice-cream!! HURRY girl!!

  3. u r so much into cookies now a days :)...gr8 going divya...even though am not a gr8 fan of penut butter i am tempted tohave these...they really look yumm...:)..congrats on ur awards..

  4. thy look delicious,..congrats for ur 100th post

  5. Hey Divya - your cookies look a lot prettier than mine did :) Do you think the addition of oats made your cookies retain their shape better? Looks great!

  6. I am just drooling here. If I show this to my husband he ll just love it. peanut butter his fav one. Nice post and recipe.

  7. congrats on ur awards and great cookies...

  8. looks lovely..i too made squares using peanut butter...

  9. Veggieplatter..thank you!!

    Deeba..thank you..I am so excited..Nope its not panna cotta or ice-cream..one more clue,you have it on your blog!!

    Ranji..thanks.Yeah,cookies are my current favorite;-)!!

    Priyanka..thank you!!

    Shyam..thank you.You are being modest,I still have a long way to go!!

    Shriya..thanks so much!!

    Sangeeth..thank you!!

    Sowmya..thank you.Shall check out your version!!

  10. even I have a dabba of that Prutina peanut butter... which cannot be used on bread or toast... however hard you try. I have a bookmarked recipe for this too :-)

    these look great... and congrats on the well deserved awards.

  11. Congrats on your 100th post and ur awards. Even I have bookmarked Sharmi's cookies. Yet to make. Yours have come out nicely.

  12. Looking forward to the 100th post recipe!! Sure its something special.. rather extra special :-)

    Cookies look great.. your all into baking looks like. I have not ventured much on that as yet....

    Congrats on the awards dear!

  13. lovely cookies divya and congratulations on ur awards.

  14. Raagaa..thank you.You rightly guessed it,I too had Prutina peanut butter!!Glad that they have become peanut butter cookies now..!!


    Seema..thank you.I still can't believe it will be my 100th post soon..just wait for the special dish!!

    Andhraflavors..thank you!!

  15. What perfect looking PB cookies! a great addition to the bookmarked recipes round up! Thanks for sending it in!

  16. can I substitute corn flour with corn starch ?

  17. ^^ cornflour is the same thing as corn starch, unless your referring to the cornflour used to make tortillas, etc..

  18. Just made these... turned out beautifully! I think the cornflour really helped give it its soft, melt-in-the-mouth texture, and i doubled the vanilla too :) Thank you xx


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