Monday, June 30, 2008

Sharkkara Puttu/Sweet Puttu

Ever since Raaga,announced WBB-Express breakfast event,I've been thinking what I can cook for breakfast within 15 minutes!!I had lots of ideas in my mind,but couldn't really decide what to make.I had totally forgotten about it until I saw another one of Raaga's entry-Capsicum Upma for WBB.I knew I had to pull up my socks and come up with something ASAP!!I have already posted my favorite breakfast wonders in a jiffy-Gova polo and Upma-Phov.Suddenly,thought of this forgotten dish that amma used to make for us when we came back from school.Sharkkara/Jaggery/Godda puttu,is a sweet puttu made with a jaggery-coconut filling instead of the usual coconut filling.We loved it so much and whenever she made puttu for breakfast,we used to ask her for this.So she always had double work when she made puttu-normal puttu for appa and amma and sweet puttu for us,the little monsters;-)

I once made this for hubby,he said he had never tasted this before and it tasted delicious.Now he has asked me to make this whenever I make puttu;-),amma couldn't stop laughing when I told this to her!!But since its really simple and simply tasty(!),I have absolutely no worries!!This can be had as a snack too,whenever we feel hungry,its quite filling too.

Sharkkara Puttu


Puttu podi/powder or roasted rice flour - 1 cup
Grated coconut(preferably fresh)-1/2 cup
Grated Jaggery - 1/2 cup
Cardamom Powder - 1 tsp
Hot Water - as required


Take a big pan and add the puttu powder.
Add 1 tbsp hot water at a time and mix well.
Do not add water at once,add little by little till the flour becomes moist.
Keep aside for 5 minutes.
Meanwhile,mix the coconut,jaggery and cardamom powder together.
In a Chiratta Puttu mould,or a normal mould,place the coconut jaggery filling first and then the moist puttu powder,finish with some more coconut-jaggery filling.
Close the lid.
Steam it by keeping the puttu maker on a pressure cooker or a regular puttu making vessel for 5 minutes.
Remove from mould carefully and serve hot!!

Check out the round-up here!!


  1. this looks delicious nd newfor me

  2. Mmm...!!! Sounds and looks great. We make Payasa with the same ingredients!:))

  3. oh wow divya - sharkara puttu - hvnt tasted tht ... looks too yummy to miss!

  4. Godsaani fatherinlaw luv this...ur presentaion is good

  5. Notyet100,thank you!!

    Ashakka,thank you!!Do try it,very easy and tasty too!!

    Skribles,thank you!!

    Suma,thank you!!god puut is our fave too!!

  6. puttu looks delicious and new recipe to me..

  7. Prajusha,thank you!!Its really delicious and easy to make.Do try it out!!

  8. Nice one and thanks for the addition in the breakfast menu!!!! :)


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