Friday, July 11, 2008

Lemon Mint Cooler

Fruit Shop on Greams road,Chennai is a place which we haunt almost every weekend.In case we miss it for a while,we plan our outings in such a way that on our way back we could hop in there for a juice!People in Chennai must be familiar with this one since its branches are scattered all over Chennai,they started their first shop on Greams road,hence the name.I have never seen such an array of fresh juices-milkshakes-smoothies-puddings in one place.It would be unfair to call it "just another juice shop"coz its much more than one.Now,before I sound like a Fruit shop ad,let me come back to today's recipe.

Lemon-Mint cooler is nothing but our good old lime juice with a twist.Once,while having our share of yummies there,we casually asked one of their guys which was their best-seller.We expected to hear -Jughead special(an ice-cream based mix fruit milkshake,which is our favorite),but were shocked when he said it was lemon-mint cooler!We asked,lime juice?He said,just taste it and see whether its "just lime juice".We tasted it and were mighty impressed,such an innovative drink for hot Chennai climate.We decided to order this every time we go there(besides Jughead special,of course!).I tried making it at home trying to recollect the taste and I should say it tasted almost the same.I should have added some more mint though.I was apprehensive how it would turn out,hence added just a small amount.So when you guys make it,increase the quantity of mint.

Lemon-Mint Cooler Ingredients

Mint leaves - a handful(or as required)
Lemon juice - of 2 lemons
Sugar - 4 tsp
Ice-cold water - 2 cups


In a blender,add the mint leaves and run it for a few seconds.
Add the lime juice,sugar and water and blend again for a minute.
Sieve through a strainer.
Serve chilled.

Lemon-Mint Cooler is off to this month's Herb mania-Mint!


  1. lemon minst sounds interesting i add bit soda it for that fizz..

  2. oh wowwwwww divya...that looks awesome! YOu sure do need that drink for chennai climate!!!!

  3. Thats a great cooler for scorching hot summer in Chennai. I love Fruit shop on Greams road too... though have not tried out many juices yet, only a couple!

  4. That's a refreshing twist to lime juice Divya...I like it! I use a lot of mint in my lime juice too.

  5. looks nicend ur new template looks good,..

  6. lovely drink..nice going o make this...great entry..

  7. Oooh! I love the thought of that juice going down my throat! Cool, flavorful and yum:)

  8. Perfect for the summer. Looks so refreshing Divya!

  9. Yes, one of the refreshing drink, looks so beautiful the pictures...

  10. that minty lemony drink seems perfect for the ruthless summer....loved that glass

  11. refreshing and lemony tasty cool drink during chennai hot season...i luv that light colour...

  12. Smn..thanks.Yeah adding soda will make it even more yummy!!

    Veda..thanks.You bet it is!!

    Seema..yeah its perfect for Chennai climate.Do try this out from Fruit shop!!

    Deeba..thanks.Yes,adding mint does give it a very refreshing flavor!!

    Priyanka..thanks.Just thought of making the blog a li'l more colorful!!

  13. Sowmya..thanks!!

    Sunshinemom..thanks.It does wonders to your thirsty pangs,do try it!!

    Uma..thanks,yes it is!!


    Bhags..thanks,you bet it is!!!


  14. When we were in college... we always ordered this... mainly because it was the cheapest. I love this drink though.

  15. lemon mint sounds yum1 u can send this too for the summer splash! and any more u have.

  16. :) I love jughead which I dont miss out there... this time he caught me right my throat ;) was searching for the recipe or the combination at least the fruitshop had.. and landed in your place divya :)

    Hope you are fine :)


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