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Kulitha Koddel~Horse Gram Curry

Horse gram or Muthira(Malayalam),Kollu(Tamil),Kulith(Konkani) is one of the lesser known beans.It is an excellent source of Iron and is believed to prevent the formation of stones in the kidney.Even though many regard Kulith as horse food,it is used widely in the cuisines of South India and Konkani cuisine is no different.Amma used to prepare Kulitha saaru,similar to rasam and insisted we finished it with our pej/kanji.I used to dislike it and made a big fuss whenever she prepared this.This was not an everyday curry as we did not use much pulses in our cooking back then.Sometimes,amma would feel like cooking it and it used to pop up.I remember quite well,always we used to tell her that it was horse feed and we are not supposed to eat it!!

As luck would have it[:)],hubby is a totally pulses person.He wouldn't mind if I prepared variations of SaarUpkari seven days a week!!Last time we went grocery shopping,he took a packet of Kulith and said it was ages since he had it and I have to prepare something with it soon.That packet stared at me whenever I opened my shelf.I didn't want to prepare the usual curries with it so as usual,I searched my cookbooks and came up with an authentic Mangalore-South Kanara curry-Koddel.It is a curry with a coconut base and a garlic seasoning.It can be prepared with any beans/pulses,it is also called Bendi.It can also be prepared with any vegetables of your choice.Kulitha koddel was delicious and we loved it.Hubby said it was perfect in taste and almost like his amma's..yay!!!

Kulitha Koddel~Horse Gram curry Ingredients

Kulith - 100 gms(about 1 cup)
Drumsticks - 3-4,cut into pieces(you can add any vegetables of your choice,or no vegetables at all)
Grated coconut - 1 cup
Red chillies - 6(3 byadge and 3 normal-roasted)
Tamarind - 1 channa size
Oil - 2 tbsp
Garlic cloves - 6-8
Salt to taste


Wash the horse gram well and cook till soft,I cooked in a pressure cooker for 15 minutes.
Add drumsticks and cook till soft.
Grind grated coconut with red chillies and tamarind to a fine paste.
Add this masala to the cooked kulith-drumstick mix,add salt and let it boil.
Simmer for a while and switch off the gas.
Crush the garlic cloves a little(do not peel) and fry them in a little oil till brown.
(This curry can also be seasoned with Mustard and Curry leaves for those who don't like the taste of Garlic.)
Add it to the koddel and serve hot!

Kulitha Koddel is off to dear Srivalli's Curry mela!!


  1. Mouth watering really...and your presentation is so the garlic ...
    inbtw left a comment for you in Vani's blog :)

  2. kulith??this is something very new to me......not even heard of it :(...This curry with garlic seasoning sounds the flavor of garlic..excellent post divya :)

  3. I dont know what abt horse beans but this is looking great. I had such curries with rice when we were in bangalore.

  4. i hav had this in my frnds place...sure it is very healthy n tasty too...

  5. Oh that looks so good and the topping of fried garlic must be really good.

  6. never used this lentil, will look for it the next time, I am looking for everything rich in iron.

  7. Koddel looks just perfect. I make almost same without drumsticks. Adding drumsticks is a great idea. Will try next time. Thanks for sharing

  8. Priti..thank you!!I'll be happy to be part of your gang!!;-)

    Ranji..thank you.I am surprised you've never heard of it before,maybe you call it by some other name.Do try and include it in your menu,very good for health!!


    Sangeeth..right,very tasty and healthy!!

    Laavanya..thanks.Yes,the garlic topping makes it extra tasty!! gram is a great source of iron,you can include it in your menu for a healthy alternative!!

    Meera..thanks.Drumsticks are hubby's favorite and finds their place in almost 90% of the curries I make!!They taste great with this curry too!!

  9. never tried anything with kollu..would love to make this..

  10. Kultha Koddel ...Yum Yum Divya! Adding Drumstick is new to me, we usually add surnu or mande.Love it with Lossune phanna! It has its own great flavour.I like Kultha sarru hubby favourite! But wil never touch pejje...thats one thing i cannot gulp down till date!!

  11. Nice curry, never tried horsegram though.....are so many garlics reqd............the recipe says of just a small one

  12. Kollu curry is interesting. Sounds easy to make too. Lovely presentation.

  13. luved reading ue description...whenever i prepare kulith,..our lunch will be kulith saru and kulith upkari..will post that too soon..urs looks deliicous with roasted garlic on the top of curry..,

  14. divya..that looks great...are you not sending this to me???..

  15. Sowmya..try it out,very healthy and tasty too!!

    Seema..thanks so much.Hubby wouldn't mind if I added drumstick to every curry I make!Thats how it features in almost all my konkani preparations!!

    Bhags..thank you.I've updated the recipe,its completely acc to one's tastes.Hubby loves garlic,thats why I add so many!!

    Jayasree..thank you!!

    Suma..thanks so much!!

    Srivalli..thank you.Its already on it way!!


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