Saturday, July 12, 2008

Mango Smoothie

When I buy mangoes from the market for exorbitant prices,I am reminded of my childhood days!!I don't remember my parents ever buying mangoes from outside.We had 3-4 mango trees in our backyard and every summer,appa hired someone to pick the mangoes when they were greenish/yellowish in colour and kept aside for ripening.My room always smelled yummy coz of the mangoes kept under the bed,no wonder I always dreamt of yummy mangoes,lol-jokes apart,amma used to carefully pack them into baskets and distribute among friends and relatives.We had three varieties-Salem,Priyoor and Alphonso.Amma used to make yummy mango curries and it was my duty to finish up the rest of the mangoes for the day in whichever avtaar I wished to.So after dinner it used to be mango milkshake in different varieties.I used to add vanilla essence,honey instead of sugar,add nuts,add other fruits etc etc.All of us loved it!!

Hubby,in contrast does not like to "waste" mangoes in juices and milkshakes!!Yeah,he feels mangoes should be eaten just as it is and nothing else.He loves Ambe Upkari,but feels that it should be made with mangoes which are not sweet and can't be eaten just as they are!!Can't fight with that logic especially since nowadays prices of mangoes are soaring to sky levels!!I somehow manage to keep aside few slices for the milkshake..;-)

Mango Smoothie


Ripe mangoes cut into slices - 1 cup
Frozen milk(crushed) - 2 cups
Sugar - 2-3 tbsps


In a blender add the mangoes,sugar and half cup ice-cold milk and blend into a smooth paste.
Add rest of the milk and blend well for a minute till everything gets mixed.
Serve immediately!!

Mango Smoothie is off to this month's Monthly Mingle-Mango Mania by Meeta.And the round-up is here!!

Also to Sia-Monsoon Spice for WBB-Summer feast

And to Nalabagham for Summer splash!!


  1. hmmnnn.. mango shakes, love 'em! I also like green mango shakes, have you tried them? also yummy!

  2. looks delicious,..nice entry for the eevnt

  3. delicious smoothy...perfect for summer...good entry for the events


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