Monday, July 28, 2008

Leftover Specials!

Its been a while since I last posted,I wonder why.I have many recipes with pictures in my drafts but somehow,when I hit New Post,mind goes blank and I am left staring at the screen for a while and I hit Home/Back.I really don't know what's wrong.But to be honest,I am enjoying blog-hopping and discovering many new blogs during this blank period of mine,which is a great thing.I have stopped taking photos too,of the dishes I make coz I want to finish the ones in my drafts.I geared up myself for this post because I missed an event which I was so looking forward to,when I had a post specially for that.Anyway,shall post it minus the event tag soon.Since I had many leftovers in my drafts,thought of posting a leftover special from my kitchen;-).

Leftovers are a nightmare for me,I never seem to get rid of them! I still have not mastered the task of "cooking for two" and always end up with more food for the fridge and then for our stomach the next day.I have tried and tried to measure and cook less but have failed miserably.I make dosa/idli batter measuring rice and urad dal in the smallest cup ever possible,but still end up getting enough batter for a few days.A set of idli,for example,lasts us for 3-4 days.What do I do to finish it up without frowning?Usually I make idlis out of fresh batter and keep the rest for dosas.The first day would be Idli-Chutney/Sambhar,second day would be Roasted idli and third day would be Idli upma along with a sigh of relief from me and my hubby;-)

What to prepare with Leftover Idli-

Roasted idlis- These are a great way to finish up idlies as a snack.Just cut the idlis into two horizontally-Place a dosa tawa on flame-Drizzle coconut oil(or any oil of your choice)roast the idli pieces in it till light brown on both sides-Serve with pickle/chutney powder.(I don't have a pic for this,shall update asap)

Idli Upma - Best way to camouflage idlis into upma!Very easy and tasty too.Crumble idlis till they resemble the texture of upma-Place a kadai on flame-Add oil-Splutter mustard seeds,curry leaves,green chillies,red chillies,salt to taste-Add crumbled idli and mix till everything gets mixed-Serve hot with chips/mixture/pickle or just like that!

Another thing that always ALWAYS features in the leftover list is rice.There is no end to dishes you can prepare with leftover rice,but here,I am posting three of my favorite rice leftovers.

Lemon Rice - Place a kadai on flame-Add oil-Splutter mustard seeds,urad dal-Add chopped ginger,red chillies,curry leaves,turmeric powder and salt to taste-Add the rice and mix well-Add lemon juice-Garnish with coriander leaves-Serve hot with pickle/chips.

Curd rice- This is an ultimate favorite when finishing up the leftover rice.There is no recipe as such for this one.Just mash the rice-add curds,salt to taste and serve.You could also add seasoning to it if you want-In a kadai-add oil-splutter mustard seeds,jeera,chopped ginger,green chilly,red chilly&roasted peanuts,add it to the curd rice.Serve with pickle.

Fried rice-Now you don't have to wait for leftover rice to make this,but still..!;-).In a kadai-Add oil-add chopped garlic-chopped spring onions,carrots,beans,capsicum-add soya sauce-stir-fry sauce(optional) and salt to taste-Mix well-add the rice,mix well-Garnish with spring onions-Serve hot with Gobi manchurian-recipe coming soon!(It tastes great plain too just with a dash of tomato ketchup).

Thats my spread for a leftover meal..shall come up with many many...soon!!


  1. Hey! Nice left over special series!! We are are left with Left overs always...its hard cooking so perfect that things get over. I keep one day a week to clean all leftovers from fridge.. thats my no cooking day :-) I get a break from cooking & fridge gets cleaned too!

  2. hey divya...i too make dish from leftover idlies and fav is bhajili idlies with pickles or any type of umman...luved all the snaps....

  3. Hmmm... I don't have too much of stuff leftover... but sometimes I am so thankful that I do :-)

    lovely recipes

  4. hi divya,wonderful pics of leftover recipes.It is a good idea for leftover things.And i too started a blog with name Foodlovers
    and my url is

  5. Love them all! My husband loves the idlis deep fried, but I prefer the upma:)

    I completely agree with you on the going 'blank' thing...happens with me too sometimes despite the fact that I haven't been around long:)

  6. hehehe..thats really a fun post..imagine having a leftover with left overs...but seriously nice pictures...they dont' look leftovers..:)..but why do you say you can't make idli batter or dosa for just two??..I had a colleague who measured correctly for her and her room mate and ground the batter every other day for dosa. The amount used to get them exactly 8

  7. Hey thats a very nice and useful way of using leftovers.

  8. lovely idea divya....good tip :)

  9. problem in every household, leftovers:) i usually freeze rice and pop in microwave to heat it and make something in jiffy. all the recipes u have posted here from leftovers r my fav and sometimes its good to have leftovers just to make these;) what say?

  10. nice write happens with me too...i too just hit the keys aimlessly sometimes and then suddenly realise that I could have done something useful...
    You have made lovely dishes with left overs..i hardly have any left overs except on weekends..

  11. Lord! Tell me about it. I can never do anything in small amounts and as a consequence suffer.Its ok for me with Idli and dosa batter, but rice and rice based stuff or any side dish, it gets boring after eating it for more than 2 days. I get so bugged that I never prepare those dishes again.Good job of putting it all together.

  12. Hey Divya,This is my first visit to your blog,you have a very nice one.I agree with you about the leftovers,I am constantly looking for ideas to recycle some of the stuff I have left in my fridge,I do most of this and also use the leftover rice sometimes to make a gujarati dish called muthia which is very tasty:)


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