Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Thuppa polo~Maida-Urad dal Dosa

Dosa's are comfort food,if I may say so!There are so many varieties of dosa and you can never have them enough.Even in restaurants,you become so confused to order which particular dosa for that day!You want dosa?which one..butter dosa,ghee dosa,masala dosa..?oh,you want rava dosa?rava dosa,rava masala,onion rava dosa,onion rava masala dosa..phew!So on and so forth.I am sure if you have checked out Srivalli's Dosa mela,you would be nodding your head in unison now;-).

Thuppa polo(literally translates to ghee roast)is a famous South Kanara preparation.It is a simple dosa made with maida and urad dal batter mixed together and made with pure desi ghee,hence the name.It looks like a normal dosa but in taste,is quite different.It is a very light and fluffy dosa and if you have it hot from the tava,I am sure you won't be able to stop at 3(yeah,thats the minimum number of dosas that you can eat at one go!).Even though I love it as much,I haven't made it quite often.The amount of maida scared me while I was on a diet.:-(.Now that I am off it and have plenty of maida in my kitchen(what with my baking sojourn these days!)I ventured out making this.You just cannot go wrong with this one coz its so very easy.Hubby said it tastes just like amma's(m-i-l's)..woooww...yippee!!!

Thuppa polo~Maida-Urad dal dosa Ingredients

Maida - 2 cups
Urad dal - 3/4 cup
Salt to taste
Ghee/Oil - for making dosas


Soak urad dal for about 1 hour and grind into a smooth paste.Keep refrigerated.
In a broad vessel,add the maida,salt and enough water to make a batter without forming lumps.
Keep it aside ,overnight(or for 7-9 hrs).
Next morning(or after 7-9 hrs),mix both the batters together well.
Make dosas in a hot dosa pan(you can use non-stick pans too) using ghee.
Relish with coconut chutney!!


  1. They look so pretty... and so perfect :-)

  2. never knw dosa can be prepared ith maida too,..looks yummy,,

  3. never knw dosa can be prepared ith maida too,..looks yummy,,

  4. nice dosa recipe..chutney looks delicious..

  5. Maida+urad dal dosa..never heard before(we make sweet maida dosas).See that's he advantage of blogworld!.Looks Crispy enough for me to grab 4!

  6. my mom makes this...i just luv them.....its soo soft..surprise 4 u..check my blog

  7. i've been looking out for all the dosa varities... sounds yummy.

  8. From the name Thuppa Pollo I guessed it must be ghee dosa. but have never tasted this one. Looks delicious. Thanks for sharing a new recipe.

  9. Though I never heard of this combination, but looks perfect.

  10. Raaga,Priyanka,Smn,Sowmya-thank you!!

    Maheshwari-thank you.Wow,sweet dosas with maida?would love to see that one!!

    Suma-thank you so much!!

    Su-thank you..!!

    Meera,thank you!!

    Bhawana-thank you!!

  11. wow, this sure sounds easy!! my batter didnt ferment earlier on so i had stopped making dosas at home...this recipe is making me crave dosa real bad! :-(

  12. Thats come out perfect:) Maida and my hand doesnt go well if iam going to make dosa out of it hehe, becoz it always sticks and makes a mess, iam inspired seeing urs though:)


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