Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Surna Phodi~Yam fritters!

While we were in Ekm last time,amma made a whole lot of goodies for us,esp for hubby.Yeah,he is treated royally when in Ekm(just like I get treated in Blr;-).A week before we reach there,amma starts preparing “kurkuri khaan” which is basically snacks like chips,mixture etc.Since hubby is not so fond of sweets,amma makes sure she loads up on his favorite foods.It was during this time that appa bought freshly dug out surnu/yam from our land.All of us at home love anything prepared with surnu but hubby likes only surna koot and nothing else.
Appa suggested that amma make something like chips with it so that their dear son-in-law too could taste the yummy surnu.So,this snack was made which was so tasty that it disappeared before I could click any pictures!!It was made again the next day owing to public demand;-).I am a little biased here and I feel that home-grown surnu tastes better and chips made with that one is more tasty..;-).I haven’t tried making it here because of the same reason.But I guess I should try it with the surnu available here,isn’t it..?What say??

Surna Phodi-Yam fritters


Surnu/Yam – 1,small sized
Salt and pepper – to taste
Oil – for deep frying


Peel and chop the yam into small,but thick slices(about ½’thick).
Boil the slices in salted water till it is almost cooked(it shouldn’t turn mushy,which will make it difficult while deep frying).
Drain and keep aside.
In a thick bottomed kadai,heat the oil.
When it is hot add the cooked yam slices and fry till both sides become brownish in colour.
Remove from the kadai and immediately pour some freshly crushed pepper.
Serve hot!!
I am sending this deep fried snack to Snack’O’Rama for the Sunday snacks event!!


  1. Nice recipe with yam Divya..I know husbands get treated royally in our mother's place..

  2. Hi Divya...
    This is a differnt recipe. Looks so good. Never tried before.

  3. Wow, any phodis are welcome for me..This looks simple and very delicious..

  4. Divs,Sagari,Sowmya..thank you!!

    Sukanya..thanks,do try it out!!

    Maya..thank you!!


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