Monday, October 20, 2008

Carrot Salad

D.I.E.T,the dreaded four letter word.I am sure this word features in a girl’s life at least once.I for one,was never aware of such a thing till I was 15 years old.I was always a plump kid and never actually cared about it.That is,till I finished my 10th and was to join college in a few months.Thats when reality struck and I realized I could be the butt of jokes if I went to college like that…that was my assumption and I went starving..literally.Amma was so worried and used to pester me to eat something..but I did not yield to her temptations and drank a cup of milk as breakfast,ignoring the yummy Poori-bhaji she made..which,I calculated would increase my weight by at least a kilo!!

I became quite slim and trim and that phase continued throughout college(though I stopped starving).After getting married,slowly but steadily,all the weight I had lost seemed to pile back kilo by kilo.I didn’t think twice before gobbling up a whole piece of pastry or a regular pizza all by myself!!Again reality struck and I realized my BMI was over 25 and I was almost 10 kgs overweight!!Thats when hubby came into picture and he joined hands with me for the ordeal and I went on a strict diet-exercise regime for 3 months(though this time with the help of a dietician).I embraced my willpower tightly and today I am 10 kgs lighter and well within my weight limits and my BMI is 22.

Well,all that banter about diet was for the Diet food event by my namesake dear Divya.I am eagerly waiting for the round up to include all those recipes in our menu.Thanks dear for coming up with something as exciting as this!!My contribution is a simple carrot salad which could be had all by itself as a 11 am snack or along with lunch/dinner.

Carrot Salad


Carrots – 2,medium,grated
Onion – 1 ,chopped finely
Grated coconut – 1 tsp
Green chilly – 1,chopped finely
Coriander leaves – 2-3 tbsp,chopped finely
Salt to taste
Lime juice – of half a lime


Mix grated carrots,onion,coconut,chilly and coriander leaves together.
Add salt to taste.
Squeeze in the lime juice and serve!!

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  1. Hey,
    That salad is lovely...I am too 10kgs overweight now..and the doc asked me to shed them down as soon as possible...Can you please share the plan with me?...will be great to have a tried and tested formula.
    You can also e-mail me at (if you don't want to divulge it on the internet)

  2. I always tell my MIL that i am always in somekind of diet. And my MIL tells me she too.
    I started putting on weight when my daughter was 2 yrs, i guess when she didn't finish her plate, i started eating her too.
    In the end I had to diet and lost 18 kg.
    But after starting to blog i have gianed 5 kg in a year which i am deperatley trying to loose.

  3. I start dieting and follow for 2 days and stops after that..Thanks for visiting my blog..Love to have from ur bowl Divya

  4. super salad div! I need to watch my weight too!

  5. Healthy n colourful salad divya..nice entry for the event..

  6. good healthy one..I think I am putting on weight now..thanks to food blogging..nice reading your post..I think I should also start dieting now..

  7. aaah, u were right! We all have gone through those diet phases!!! the carrot salad sounds easy to make. Love the pic as well!!

  8. mmm. carrot salad looks fabulous.

  9. I agree with you about the dieting phase. To follow a strict diet is very tough. Gr8 that you accomplished it.

    Love this crunchy carrot salad.

  10. Thanks for dropping. perfect diet food.

  11. I agree..DIET is a word that scares me..Thanks for sending such an entry for the event Div :)


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