Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Eggless Chocolate Cookies

I can never rave enough about home-made cookies,the aroma that waffles through the entire house while baking them can’t be described through writing.I feel so happy and content when they come out so pretty and tasty too,almost like store-bought ones,but with a home-twist.I proudly patted myself on my back while these came out of the oven,even if I may say so myself,they were absolute delights..biting through dark..delightful chocolate cookies does give you a high..;-)

I have tried out many cookie recipes from all of you dear bloggers and they have come out great too.One of the first ones I made was this and I always get the same taste and texture everytime I made it.It really is a foolproof recipe.Even though I don’t mind adding eggs to cakes and brownies,I have still not come to terms with adding it to the cookie dough.So mine has to be eggless.I came across this recipe at Nita Mehta's Cakes and Cookies and have been thinking of making it sometime.I slightly tweaked the recipe and adapted it to my style.It has come out great and am loving every bite of it.I think this recipe will work fine for choco-chip cookies too,some other time maybe!!

Eggless Chocolate Cookies

Ingredients (makes 24 cookies)

Maida/flour – ¾ cup
Cocoa powder – ¼ cup
Cornflour – ½ cup
Icing sugar Or Powdered sugar – 1 cup
Dessicated coconut(optional) – 1 tbsp
Baking powder – ½ tsp
Butter(in room temperature) – ½ cup
Vanilla essence – ½ tsp
Dry fruits – ½ cup(I used crushed walnuts and almonds)
Milk – a tbsp or two,if required


Cream the butter and sugar till fluffy(if using a hand mixer,mix on low speed for about 30 secs).Mix in the vanilla essence.
Sift together maida,cocoa powder,cornflour,dessicated coconut(if using) and baking powder.
Mix to the butter mix adding a spoon at a time.
After all the flour mix has been added,you can also hand mix the dough for better texture.Fold in the dry fruits.
Add a tbsp milk if the dough is too dry.
Make small balls of the dough and flatten it a bit.
Press cashewnut halves or almond halves on top(optional).

Pre-heat the oven on 150C.
Grease/line a baking tray and place the cookies 1” apart,to leave enough space for the cookies to spread.

Bake for 18 minutes or till done depending on the temperature settings of your oven.
Yummy chocolate cookies are ready to be devoured!!


  1. Looks pretty with those little cracks!

  2. Cute cookies..they look perfect too..

  3. This is a very nice recipe. Will try it soon. Really wanted to try some egg less baking.

  4. Nice and simple recipe Divya. My kind of cookies.

  5. They look so pretty..have to try them out!!Bookmarked!!

  6. wow! yummy! highlight is the cashew! luved the pic :)

  7. I fully agreee, i love when i am making home made cookies, bread or cake.
    The aroma filling the home is just wonderful.
    Cookies look delicious

  8. WOW Divu, the cookies wt pressed cashew halves look delectable..lovely shape too! U hv truly bcome a pro wt baking..n hey same feeling of some creative satisfaction for me as well throughout baking! :D

  9. mmmmm delicious cookies. Great Divya. I am sending my address pls parcel me some :P. Added in my favourites. will try today. as there is nothing sweet remaining at my home.

  10. Divya ,

    Can this be made in an microwave.. please let me know ..


  11. Cookies look yum and perfect...

  12. Oh man! Look at those beauties! My mouth is waterin. Lovely recipe Divya. The name of your blog is perfect! Easy Cooking :) It's really easy.

  13. Anu,Divs..thank you!! easy one and eggless too,do try it out!!


    Sowmya,Sangeeth,HC..thank you!!

    Purnima'di..thank you so much.I felt so happy when they turned out near-perfect!!

    Bhawana..;-),thanks so much!!

    Kamalika..hope you got my comment on your blog rgdng your query!!

    Uj,Ujju..thanks so much!!

  14. ditto... I eat eggs, add them to cakes and bakes... but don't like adding them to cookies... don't know why. I'll try these. :-)

  15. hi i made these cookies today...the first batch came out pretty well.But when i put the second batch of cookies inside the oven..the cashews started burning....i dont know what happened...can u give me any tips on that...

    1. Hey Anon,the cashews got burnt probably because it was the second batch and the oven would have been quite hot.Try placing the cashews during the last 5-7 minutes of baking.

  16. hey i liked ur cookies a lot ........
    pls also check my blog and give me some tips toooooo...pls

  17. Hello Divya, this is the first of ur recipes that i tried and came out pretty good. I flattened out the balls a little too much i guess, so the cookies came out a bit flat, but taste was good! :) Like u, i have been bitten by the baking bug too and have jus begun my run... :) Next target is ur prescribed cupcake for beginer's Eggless banana walnut cupcakes :) Will update u on the outcome!

  18. one thing, you have not mentioned at what point to add the 1)vanilla essence
    2)dry fruits

    1. Thanks Anon for pointing it out.Have updated the recipe!

  19. Good recipe..I tried it today. Thanks for sharing :)

  20. Divya, I followed your steps & the cookies came out FANTASTIC.
    Thank you so much!


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