Friday, October 31, 2008

Olympic Gold..?? I am in..!!

Accepting a challenge is a difficult never know what the outcome may be..but some challenges in life are to be accepted,just so that you would realize what your limitations are.I’ve always been amazed by bloggers who post daily,consistently and sometimes even without any challenges and events.It is something spectacular and deserves oodles of appreciation.

When I started blogging,it was with the intention of keeping a store-house for my recipes.It does give you a sense of satisfaction when we make something,click pictures and post about it.Another high is the comments from fellow-bloggers and readers.I’ve connected with so many people whom I haven’t even met!!

All this introduction is to let you people know that I have taken up the challenge of posting daily for Recipe Marathon2,hosted by DK of Culinary Bazaar.DK has given an optional choice of following a theme,but I don’t know whether I’ll be cooking and posting according to a theme..lets see.So folks,gear up for a daily marathon for the next 30 days..Hurray!!


A blog is not complete without the readers feedback.Please let me know how you liked my post.Thank you so much for visiting my blog.


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