Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Diwali Celebrations

Thank you all for your wonderful wishes..hope all of you had a lovely time this Diwali.

We had a great time in Blr with hubby’s family.Burst a lot of crackers,lit a whole lot of diyas and ate unlimited amount of sweets and put on at least 2 kgs in a matter of 2-3 days!!But it was fun..I can still hear the sound of crackers as I am typing this..guess this is one festival which no one wants it to get over.

On Sunday(Diwali eve),it was Narakachathurdashi and according to the tradition,ma-in-law prepared fish curry and fry.Hubby was very happy as this was one festival where non-veg was a part of the festivities..!!On Diwali day,it was a typical Konkani lunch with Channe Ghashi,Puli Koddel,Phodis and Madgane.Had a wonderful time..!!

How did you celebrate Diwali..??

Another one for JFI-Festival treats!


  1. We too prepare Non -Veg . But only after offering to gods we make non-veg (only mutton). Hope u had a wonderful deepavali

  2. That is a nice platter..I missed being at home for Deepavali..

  3. Divu, very late here, but as u said it wd go on till 'Tulsi pooja' ;) I was Rangoli fanatic for these five too makes fish this day!(Yumm) and that platter surely makes my heart miss a beat, I m missing the home diwali..All the same, 'hw we celebrated' not as grand as in India but few crakers and sweets, not-so-special dinner! :D
    Have a Great Diwali to u n urs!

  4. awa...the lunch looks very yum Divya..nice to see so many crackers..did you burst all of them??...Ours went well too..though I didn't make any special lunch expect the sweets and savories!...

    why no entry for JFI?

  5. the plate looks yummy..looks like you have had a great time..

  6. o u make me nostalgic yaar! lovely pics and yummy plater


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