Thursday, October 2, 2008

Coriander leaves sweet and sour chutney!

I think its one of the first times I am giving an English title to a Konkani dish.As Srivalli said here,trust me to come up with tongue twisting names..poor me!!Blame it all on the language...:-)Now Valli,try this one "Kothambari pallya gojju",the konkani name!As every time,I can assure you that the dish is an easy-peasy one and is not as complicated as it sounds.

Greens and me don't see eye to eye(if any kids are reading this pretend you didn't hear/read anything..all you mumma's..don't hit me!)Amma has tried each and every means in the planet to make me eat greens..I somehow cannot fathom myself gobbling up all those..leaves!!I use only coriander leaves and curry leaves for my cooking..and that too,only as a garnish;-).While on my diet,I was forced to eat greens and I dreaded it.I used to make simple thorans(stir-fry with coconut-jeera paste),mix it with rice and just gulp them.Btw,I like drumstick leaves,so that makes it three!!

Even though I don't like greens,the fetish with which I shop for freshest of fresh coriander leaves and the likes,people would assume I am an out and out greens lover,if only they knew the truth!!While I was on it last time,I got 2-3 bunches of fresh coriander leaves,which smelt absolutely divine.I wanted to make something with it,the usual chutney did not sound as appetising!I decided to make ma-in-laws speciality dish which she makes when she gets fresh leaves.This sweet and sour gojju/chutney is to be had all by itself.According to her,it should be had after lunch.Pour spoonfuls of gojju on your plate,lick it off to glory while chit-chatting with family.She makes it everytime we are in Blr and lunch times are always extended when this chutney is on the table!!

Kothambari pallya gojju~Coriander leaves sweet and sour chutney!


Coriander leaves – 1 bunch (preferably fresh)
Red chillies – 3(slightly roasted in a little oil)
Tamarind – 1 small lime size
Grated jaggery – 3-5 tbsp
Grated coconut – 2 tbsp(optional)
Salt to taste

For seasoning

Mustard seeds – ½ tsp
Oil – 1 tbsp
Curry leaves – 1 sprig


Wash coriander leaves well.
Grind with red chillies,tamarind,jaggery,grated coconut(if using) and salt to taste.
Prepare seasoning in a pan with oil,add mustard seeds.
When they start splutterung,add the curry leaves.
Pour over the gojju and serve!(didn’t I say this one was very simple?)

Sending this over to Siri for Herb mania-Coriander.'Herb Mania' is an event started by lovely Dee of Ammalu's kitchen, to celebrate the freshness of our dear herbs; to let the world know that 'herbs' can be used beyond mere garnishing.


  1. Gojju bhaari chand dista! Well like frozen pasty sheets r to u, here coriander has done the same, two stems cost a fortune since past month :( so probably I hv to look at yours n feel happy! :D
    Hw English names taang-todofy the actual dish!:D 'Coriander dip'! haaa.

  2. This is so unique. i had never heard of such chutney.. good one

  3. WOW... This looks perfect. My fav. YUM! Mouthwatering recipe... Will try ur version of adding sweetness to the chutney....

  4. nice recipe..looks good..great entry!!

  5. NIce entry... looks deliciouis... new for me...thxs for shar,,..

  6. I make this chutney but without jaggery div...may b i shud try ur way...will this jaggery give a sweet taste?

  7. Love the tanginess of the chutney!

  8. Wow wat an idea of putting both n sour in this chutney...looks yummy..

  9. wow, sweet and sour chutney with cilantro? Looks so delicious Divya! I see you changed your template! Looks good. This makes me nostalgic.

  10. Divya, hi, don't think I've visited here before - I've never heard of a coriander-jaggery chutney before, very interesting!

  11. wow this chutney will give a fundu tast with samosa :)). muh mein pani aa raha hai dekh ke :)

  12. Purnima'di..thanks so much.Yup you said it,gojju sounds so nice than chutney/dip..;-)!!


    Sangeeth..yes,jaggery imparts a sweet taste,but since red chillies and tamarind too is added,it gives a sweet-sour-hot taste-none of the tastes are overpowering too!!


    Sra..thanks for visiting the blog!!,you gave me a great idea,haven't tried it with samosa yet!!

  13. I searched for "konkani kothambari gojju" and landed on this recipe on your blog.I was so jubiliated on reading it. I used to savour the gojju with rice/dalitoy which aamma used to make; but had totally forgotten the recipe.
    I used your recipe and my family enjoyed this wonderful gojju with rice/rasam :) ... Thanks!
    ~~ Supritha


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