Tuesday, October 14, 2008

From your blogs # 3

I have heard many friends rave about their wives' cooking.Many have told me that they make *nice this and nice that*.I wish my hubby would say the same.I asked him once whether he would ever tell someone that his wife cooks well and he said others should be telling him that and he shouldn't be singing it around.Ahhh..!!He says that he feels nice and proud when his friends/cousins tell him how lucky he is that I cook well.I accept that compliment with open arms;-).Last weekend when I made this,he was floored.It is the first time he kept saying its fantastic and fabulous and what not.And yeah,he wanted me to make some for his friends too,gladly.Thats what blogging does to me.I am trying out new dishes from your blogs and everytime emerging successful.Thank you dear bloggers.

So here I am with some of the dishes I made "From your blogs "

Srivalli's Channa Pulao - I first saw this on her blog when she posted about the blogger's meet in Chennai.I missed the meet and I still regret it.When I saw fellow bloggers raving about Valli's pulao,I decided I am gonna try it.To put it simply-we loved it.It tasted great and the flavors of channa with the fragrant rice was a temptation too hard to resist.I served it with Gobi Manchurian and raita.

Shilpa's Semia Upma - New breakfast dishes are always welcome.Even though we do have cornflakes,oats and muesli every alternate day,we feel bored eating the same food.While I was searching for varieties of upma,came across this one on Shilpa's blog.I badly wanted to try it the next day.Only thing,I did not have vermicelli with me,but that did not hinder my enthusiasm.Had some rice vermicelli in my shelf and I followed the recipe substituting rice vermicelli with the normal one.A simple and tasty recipe,next time gonna try it out with vermicelli!!

Divya's Aval Payasam - Divya,my namesake!!A truly gifted blogger,the variety of dishes she comes up with is amazing.Everytime I visit her blog,I seem to bookmark each and every dish..;-).While thinking of a sweet dish during Navrathri,I made this Aval payasam and it was delicious.Quick and easy recipe and requires a few ingredients.Only extra ingredient I added was Saffron,which a dear friend got me from Dubai.I seem to be putting it in anything and everything these days!!

Raaga's Garlic bread - Here's a blogger whom I just can't have enough of.I have tried many of her recipes including this and this.She's a treasure house of recipes and I love the way she blogs.Even though the recipe required Baguettes,I went ahead with normal bread.The result was great,we now have garlic bread almost daily!!Only change I did was adding a tbsp of butter along with the olive oil and adding grated cheese instead of cheese powder.

Indira's Semia Payasam - A blogger who does not need any introduction.Any search on Indian cuisine ends on her blog.She writes so beautifully and the accompanying pictures are truly a pleasure to watch.I made this payasam when I was in Ekm following her method.It tasted excellent as expected-no,not because I made it-because it was Indira's recipe..yeah!!

Thank you Folks!!


  1. Wow that is a whole lot of cooking from other blogs.
    Yeah i can vouch for Srivalli's cooking, when we wer ein chennai, i was lucky to be invited with my family to her home. And we enjouyed a real feast, prepared by her.
    Just thinking about it makes me want to be back in her place.

  2. Thats such a beautiful collection of recipes you have tried divya!..all look so tempting!

  3. Thanks a lot for the sweet words Divya..Glad you liked the payasam..

  4. lovely dishes again..have to try the garlc bread..
    An award for you inmy blog..check it out!!

  5. Lovely recipe collections and congrats on the compliments from your husband. It sure motivates us.

  6. Divya,
    That is such a beautiful collection of recipes..
    regarding compliments my husband also says the same thing.. it drives me crazy....

  7. Wow it is like an inspiration. I too have many bookmarked recipes. Soon will b cooking, blogging and sharing wiht all. Awesome dishes.

  8. congrats ..finally u were able to squeeze out some comments from ur hubby....i m still waiting for the D-day...lol!
    All recipes look so yummy and sound so simple...and btw it would be fun if u cud send Indiras recipe to Zlamushka's tried and tasted event,which is featuring mahanadi this month!

  9. You placed me on cloud 9... can't believe the stuff you've written about my blog. Thanks Divya. Incidentally, my latest post is about cooking from other blogs. :-)

    Everything you've tried out looks so nice.


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