Sunday, October 12, 2008

Cooking with Curd!

Curd is one thing which is always present in our daily meal.Be it thick curd or thin buttermilk,we have to finish our meals with curd.I also love to have a cup of curd with sugar..yummy.There are many curries which could be made using curd as the base.Ok,not exactly curries,side dishes rather.I turn to curd when there are no veggies left for a gravy or when I am plain lazy.Instead of the usual rice-curd-upkari which would invite cold glances from hubby,I camouflage it with curd base side dishes which would look and taste nice.I am posting here,some of the easiest curd-curries which could be whipped up in minutes.

Cucumber Raita – One of the easiest of the lot.
Grate cucumber(1),add chopped green chillies(2-3) and salt.Mix curd(beaten lightly).Season with mustard and curry leaves in oil.Tastes great with rice,as well as rotis.

Capsicum Raita – My ma-in-laws recipe.
Cut capsicum(1) and onions(1) into thin slices.In a kadai,splutter mustard seeds,add curry leaves,onions and fry till the onions turn golden brown.Add the capsicum and fry till they become soft.Let it cool a bit and add beaten curd and salt to taste.

Bitter gourd pachadi – Can be made with fresh bitter gourd or bitter gourd kondattams.
If using fresh bitter gourd-chop bitter gourd into thin round slices-apply salt and deep fry till golden brown and crisp.(1)
If using kondattams-Deep fry the kondattams and keep aside.(1/2 cup)-Chop green chillies(2-3)and add to curd(slightly beaten).Add seasoning-mustard seeds and curry leaves in oil.

Mashed potatoes in curd – Kooka chirdillelle
Cook and mash the potatoes(2) and keep aside.
Add salt and green chillies to slightly beaten curd and add the mashed potatoes.
Prepare seasoning in a pan with mustard and curry leaves in oil.
Add to the potato curd mix.

Kachiya moru
Beat the curd well with the beater or blend in a mixie.
Add haldi and salt.
Prepare seasoning in a pan with mustard,curry leaves,red and green chillies in oil.
Add to the curd.


  1. I luv any form! i liked ur butterfly cup..cute yaar!

  2. Those raitas look yumm...i never thought of bitter gourd-curd raita...

  3. nice post with so many ideas to use curd..especially the pachadi with bittergourd..nice butterfly dish...i also like to have curd with sugar..

  4. This is a very usefull post for me. All the recipes looks so good. love it....

  5. That is a wholelot of dish with caurd.
    My favourite is kachiamoru.
    I love them with plaing rice and pickles.
    The thought itself makes me hungry

  6. Love Kachiya mooru, caps and bittergo raita is must try, they just tempt me!

  7. Divu, loved all the dahi-based dishes, the last one is my mil's regular, n particularly loved Capsi-Raita! Wd surely try it! Tks for sharing!


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