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Joy the Baker Cookbook Review& Single girl melty Chocolate Cake Recipe

Remember this post where I had compiled a few recipes from Joy the Baker to highlight my love for her blog?So you can only imagine how glad I was to hold her book in my hand.I wonder why I am posting this review so late,it's been a while since the book's been with me on my bedside table:)
Joy the Baker Cookbook Review
Joy Wilson,author of the website Joy the Baker is not someone unknown to the food blogging world.I mean,the name itself is so comforting,right.In the book of the same name,Joy has compiled 100 recipes which she calls "a celebration of butter and sugar".Every recipe is accompanied by brilliant pictures which makes you want to grab the stuff off the pages of the book!
Joy the Baker Cookbook Review
The recipes range from Single lady Pancakes(how cool!),Giant Cinnamon Rolls,S'mores Brownies,Easy no-roll Pie crust,"man-bait" Apple crisp(yes!),Texas Sheet Cake,Burnt Caramel sauce,Peanut Butter Birthday Cake and many more.I could go on..:)
Joy the Baker Cookbook Review
For those who've been reading her blog,the book would look like an extension.The same tidbits about her personal life,notes about the recipe and useful tips to make the recipe come out perfect.With shiny pages,delicious pictures looking at you from every page,this book is any bakers dream,more so if you love pink:)
Joy the Baker Cookbook Review
I have bookmarked almost all,okay at least 10 recipes to try immediately.Amongst those who might actually get made if I get past drooling off the book are Chocolate Bundt Cake with Chocolate Sour cream glaze,Cream Cheese pound cake,Honey mustard roasted cashews,Peach cobbler muffins,the perfect cup of hot chocolate,almost burnt caramel sauce..the list is endless.
Joy the Baker Cookbook Review
The first section consists of Kitchen tips and is particularly useful when it comes to substituting ingredients in a recipe.Very useful for us in India where fancy ingredients are hard to come by.Recipes to make brown sugar,cake flour and buttermilk at home gets a thumbs up from me!Also tips to get that Bundt cake out of the tin free and clear every time.
Single girl melty chocolate cake
After contemplating for a long time,I decided to try out this oh-so-tempting Single Girl melty chocolate cake for this review.I am a big fan of Lava cakes and this one takes the cake,literally.Single girl you say and gets done in less than 15 minutes flat,come again?
Single girl melty chocolate cake-ingredierts
Single girl melty Chocolate cake
Recipe published with permission from Joy the Baker Cookbook


Butter - 1 tbsp (approximately 14.5 gms)
Semi-sweet chocolate chips/chunks - 1/4 cup
Egg - 1 large
Sugar - 4 tbsp
Flour - 1 tbsp
Salt - a pinch


Preheat oven to 375F/190C.Butter and flour a 1 cup ramekin.
Single girl melty chocolate cake-step1 
In a microproof bowl,melt together butter and chocolate till smooth and shiny.You could also do it using the double boiler method.
Single girl melty chocolate cake-step2 
Beat together egg and sugar till frothy.
Mix in the melted butter-chocolate and tip in the flour and salt.
Single girl melty chocolate cake-step3 
Pour into the prepared ramekin and bake anywhere from 7-10 minutes,shorter for gooey center.
Single girl melty chocolate cake-step4 
I baked it for 10 minutes since I didn't want it too runny and it turned out perfect.Fudgy and chocolaty,just the way I like it:)

Single girl melty chocolate cake 
  • You can serve the cake in the ramekin itself or upturn into a serving platter,only downside being the gorgeous crust will go unseen:)
  • Though the recipe says single girl,it makes more than a single girl version I think,we shared it between the two of us and were satisfied.More so if served with ice-cream it would be a mini-dessert for two people.Only,it cannot be named single-girl-cake anymore:)


  1. Awww those wodden measuring cups are adorable. Could you please tell me where you bought them and whats the price?? Thank you

    1. I got it from The Summer House-check out their page in facebook!

  2. Wow !!

  3. I'd heard mixed reviews about the book so was a bit reluctant to get it. Thinking of checking it out from the library during my next visit :)

    1. I loved it Nags.Simple recipes,no complicated steps and wonderful photography!

  4. Thanks for the review Divya. On my next buy list :)Tempting cake!

  5. Hi, I stumbled across your blog looking for Gajar ka Halwa recipe and I am boggled by the sheer variety of recipes here... the best part is that you use ingredients normally available in any indian kitchen... i have bookmarked sstuff to try already... thanks :)

  6. Omg, wat a super irresistible cake, prefect for sudden cravings..Such an incredible review. Would love to get the book soon.

  7. Gosh looks so tempting. sounds really good and nice review.

  8. This looks aboslutely delicious! And since its not "single girl" anymore it will be perfect for valentines day too!

  9. Yum yum yum!! I need to make that now!!!

  10. Baked it today. Can't believe such a simple recipe could taste so good. Thanks for sharing.


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