Tuesday, June 21, 2011

I love your Blog - Joy The Baker

Joy loves baking..so do I!

Joy turned 30 a while back..I will be 30 too,in a couple of months!

Sadly,the similarities end there.If you are new to Joy[I'd guess not!],I'd highly recommend you to visit her space.You'd be hooked right then,just like I was,bookmarking one post after the other!I wish I could whip up baked delicacies like Joy,one after the other.One look at her Cinnamon Sugar Pull apart Bread and I just fainted.Baking bread is still an unknown territory to me and here she has rolled two classics into one-Cinnamon rolls and Bread--one word-Mindblowing!

Brownies make my knees go weak.I can resist anything but not brownies.Dense,moist and Fudgy brownies??Spot on!

Coconut Macaroons have been on my baking to-do list like forever.I always buy dessicated coconut in hopes of making it but somehow forget it every time.Crunchy macaroons with a nutty flavor,what happens if you combine it with Chocolate--you get Chocolate dipped Coconut Macaroons--doubly irresistible!

Chocolate and Orange is one of the best combinations you can whip up in a cake.Having tried so many variations of it myself,I really can vouch for it.What's better is making it for breakfast like Joy.Now come on,though it is cake,it has Orange in it doesn't it?Sounds good enough!!

Not only does Joy bakes all these goodies,she stocks up on Plates to present them too.Now how many of you can vouch for single plates and mugs and cups strewn around your crockery shelf?I sometimes look at my random collection and smile,but looks like I am not alone here!

The biggest dream for any one who bakes[at least for me],is to bake for someone else.When it is a joyous occasion like a wedding,it gets double fun but double tension too.Read all about Joy's efforts on Wedding Cake Project.

I am not done yet,but at the risk of making this post a mile-long,I guess I have to stop now.These are only a few of my favorites in her site[there are many many more!].Check out her Recipe Index and be sure to get lost among an array of wonderful recipes.Or check out her Top five,orTop 10 Cookie recipes,or even better How to Frost a Cake,I told you I am hooked to her blog!

**All pictures published with the blogger's permission.


  1. Lovely post Divya. Great to get to know new bloggers.

  2. I too love Joy's blog!! :) :) I have slready tried several recipes including cinnamon pull aparts and all were really good! Divya do try those cinnamon pul aparts... it's easy to make and really good too... I am sure you will love it :)...

  3. Thanks for a lovely post on one another wonderful foodie friend. Love all the baked goodies out there.

  4. so delicious home made bakery items,Excellent presentation and nice clicks.

  5. I am so there with you. I love her blog too, mouth watering recipes :)

  6. my first time on her blog...totally floored...this is a lovely post divya....:)

  7. I love Joy's blog too. Want to be like her. Can't wait for her book :)


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