Saturday, January 26, 2013

Bakeware/Cookware Online - A peep! # 2

I can spend hours looking at various shopping websites for cooking/baking related stuff.There seems to be a sudden rise of sites which sell gorgeous looking additions for your kitchen as well as for your dining table.I came across a few,so thought of sharing.

Products from Master Kitchen
Garlic press-for all those recipes which requires minced garlic or garlic paste!

Measuring spoons in assorted colours-love it!

Silicone wire whisks,yep the same kind which Nigella uses:)

Pastry blender-to make all those pies and crumbles!

12 cup Bake and Carry cupcake tray with lid-perfect for those potluck parties and picnics!

Three in one Garnish maker - for perfectly garnish slices of Carrots and Cucumber

Products from Fabfurnish

Heart shaped silicone muffin cups-perfect for Valentine's day baking

Bundt Pan - need I say anything more?

Muffin Mould - for making cupcakes and muffins look pretty!

Products from The Summer House

Pretty Wooden Cake stand-makes your cakes look dashing:)

Wooden Fruit/Dessert Stand-how about serving cupcakes in this one?

Products from Zansaar

Checkerboard Cake pan - don't we all need one:)?

Set of 2 Bundt pans-6 cup & 12 cup,because one cannot have enough of bundt pans:)

Silpat Baking mats - no greasing,no sticking anymore!

Disclaimer - This is NOT a paid post.I have not been asked by the sellers to write about them.I found the information useful and hence sharing it with you.I am not affiliated to any of the sites mentioned either.


  1. Love those wooden cake stands, cute

  2. I have already ordered measuring spoons and cups.Thanks a lot Divya. Useful post indeed.Next on list is cake stand n checkered tin.

  3. Lovely stuff! Oh my... I literally 'window' shopped :) thanks for sharing :)

  4. Wonderful array of baking cookware. Thanks a lot Divya for posting this informative post.

  5. got to check these out, thank you :)

  6. love those measuring cups frm the summer house..cant thank u enough :)

  7. Love those wooden measuring cups...too cute..cant thank u enough for this post :)

  8. lovely cookware beautiful collection

  9. Oh Divya, this is pure evil!! Those goodies look SO good, literally candy for the eyes! i'm trying hard not to go berserk! :D Thanks so much for sharing! i particularly love the measuring spoons and the cake stands - so pretty!

  10. Hi,
    Is there any website which sells baking paper and vanilla beans.I have asked in so many shops but could not find the two things.

  11. Wow, wonderful post. Loved all the things;) I need that silpat mat :D Planing to buy soon.

  12. wonderful post!! so many places to check for stuff. I'm actually looking for a cake carrier. Will search these sites *fingers crossed*

  13. It seems that everyone is touting the importance of heavy cookware and bakeware. But shouldn't we be able to lift it? While it may be a feature, let's find out if heavy is worth the extra effort.More Information


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