Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Pink Guava Milkshake

Hope everyone of you had a great start to the new year.I did,with a short visit to hometown,a family function,some shopping and quality time spent with folks.On the downside however is the amount of weight I've piled on.Why oh why has every January has to start with a weight loss regime charted out..hmm.
Pink Guava Milkshake
Moving on,what does the color Pink remind you of?If you ask me,I would say baby girls,sugar candies,strawberries and so much more.I grew up in a generation where all-girls-wear-pink was not all that fashionable.Even if it were,my parents made sure I was not aware of that:).

So when I saw this baby pink milkshake made by my sis-in-law I instantly fell in love with it.More so because it was my brothers concoction:).Now if you tell me milkshakes made with Pink guava is very common and very next-door,I might just act dumb,got to give credit to my brother,right?

Pink Guava Milkshake Pink Guava Milkshake


Pink Guava - 4-5,chopped(with skin)
Milk - 500ml,boiled and cooled
Sugar - 5 tbsp


Pink Guava Milkshake 
In a blender mix together guava,milk and sugar and pulse till you get a smooth milkshake.

Strain and serve chilled.

Pink Guava Milkshake


  1. Wow!Super like.Liked those flowers too.

  2. Looks tempting .....love the colour of the milkshake :-)

  3. i love to eat pink guava..and I love the pink guava juice absolutely,never tried the milkshake though

  4. Love to eat this guava just like it, havent had this pink guava since a long.

    You dont know how i would love to finish a glass rite now.

  5. Those pink flowers are so beautiful! Even I did not grow up in a generation "all girls wear pink" :)

  6. super tempting and inviting....

  7. wow lovely milkshake :) and Happy New year to you Divya

  8. I love these pink guavas..Have snacked on them when available. I love the guava juice too. Milkshake I have never heard of it. I am sure with that Delicious flavor and the pink hue it must have tasted wonderful .Wish you and your family a very happy new year! BTW I tried your brownie recipe and also the vanilla cake with choco chips. They were amazing and much loved. I wish I had some decent pics of them to share. Thank you so much

    1. So glad to know that Uj.Please do share the pics,would love to have a look!


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