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Sprouted Moong Ghashi with Bamboo shoots

Sometime back,I wanted to buy a Sprouts maker and a Yogurt maker.Two people dissuaded me from it.My friend Deeps,who gave me tips on how to make thick and yummy curd at home and my ma-in-law who taught me the simplest way of making sprouts.I was never really a fan of sprouts,they attracted me more than anything else.I liked the whole process of soaking the pulses,leaving them to sprout and the way they form sprouts at the end of it.

Few years back,during Ajay's birthday,I wanted to surprise him by making this curry since he is such a big fan of Keerlu/bamboo shoots,for lunch.I was so looking forward to his reaction and when I checked on the moong expecting a lovely batch of sprouts,I saw that the adamant moong had refused to sprout-that was the last time I tried making sprouts on my own!!Ma-in-law,as always,came to rescue and taught me the right way to do it and I’ve been successful in making sprouts and as for the still lacks the ma-in-law punch!!


Kirlayile Mooga Ghashi with Keerlu(Sprouted Moong Curry with Bamboo shoots)


Sprouted Moong* – 1 cup
Salted/Fresh Bamboo shoots** - ½ cup,chopped
Drumsticks – 2,chopped into 2’ pieces
Salt to taste

For the Masala

Grated coconut – ¾ cup
Red chillies – 4(roasted with a tsp oil)
Tamarind lump – 1 channa size

For seasoning

Oil – 1 tsp
Mustard seeds – ½ tsp
Curry leaves – 2 sprigs


*To make the sprouts- soak moong(green gram) overnight.
Next day,wash it well and spread it in a pan-cover and keep aside to sprout.
After 12 hours,check on it-it would have started to sprout-wash it well and drain(this ensures that the sprouts don’t turn bitter).
Next day(24 hours after you’ve kept it for sprouting) it will be ready and you can use it.
Wash well and remove the green skins as much as possible.

**I used salted bamboo shoots.These require to be soaked overnight.Before adding them to the curry,add it to boiling water and squeeze it out once it cools down.

Cook sprouted moong,bamboo shoots and drumstick in a pressure cooker for 2-3 whistles.
Make a fine paste of grated coconut,red chillies and tamarind.
Add this paste to the cooked sprouts and mix well.
Let it boil and then simmer it for 5 minutes.
Check for salt and if required add salt(since bamboo shoots are salted the ghashi will have enough salt).
Prepare seasoning in a pan with oil.
Splutter mustard seeds and add curry leaves.
Add it to the ghashi.
Serve hot!!
Sending this bowl of Sprouted Moong Ghashi to Srivalli for My Legume love affair an event started by Susan of Well seasoned Cook.


  1. have never tried bambbo shoots though it is available here in plenty..looks nice..

  2. I just ate some kadgi tori ghasshi :-) I will make mugga ghashi sometime... don't like bamboo shoots particularly.

    I can't do without my curd maker... in the winter here especially :-) Sprouts, I manage... somehow :-)

  3. Great dish with bambooshoots, i never get them fresh, delicious Divya..

  4. Oh these bamboo shoots are new to me..Curry looks yummmm...Will try this

  5. Bamboo shoots in Indian curry itself is new to me! Looks tasty!

  6. Fabulous. I love Bamboo shoots in any dish, great combo to pair with sprouted Moong. You could send this to Meeta's MM event. I made a Ghashi with raw Jackfruits(from cans), will post someday! :))

  7. Nice combination and beautifullly presented. The tender and biteable bamboo shoots with the soft Moong dhal, Mmm...that's a great vegetarian delight!

  8. wow this must have tasted good :P Moong curry is my fav. and this bowl of Moong ghashi looks delicious..


  9. I have had these at my friends place..I dont know about the procedure..But I think it is this..I really liked this dish. Never tried bamboo before..Will try this..

  10. Sprout and bamboo shooot , oh u always have someting new for me! I never tasted one, the curry looks like Kurma :) Delicious and healthy

  11. I love keerlu but adding drumsticks to moong ghashi is new to me. For removing the skin of moong my amma used to boil it. Slowly the skin will float on top which she removed with a ladle. I too have sprouted moong today but for a different dish. Nice ghashi Divya.

  12. delicious!!! I make gashi w/ chana and potatoes... sprouted moong sounds good too! yours looks delicious!!

  13. hi divya.... i am new to ur blog...u got a wonderful collection of recipes...great job!!
    I am trying your thuppa polo doubt, do we refrigerate the maida batter also?? Will let u know the results for sure!


  14. Hey divya... i am new to your got a wonderful collection of recipes....great job!!!
    I am gonna try your thuppa polo doubt ya, do we need to refrigerate maida batter also??
    will let you know the results for sure...


  15. Wow i have never had a curry like this wirg bambbo shoots. This looks so yummy.

  16. Ah Keerlu! Though I cant stand it in amchi curry, I can gobble down soups with Keerlu! :D
    My amma is one biiiiiiiiiiggggg fan of Keerlu..I feel so nostalgic looking at this curry..the pic garnish has been clicked so nicely...tks for sharing ur method!

  17. oh i simply love the kirlelo healthy and nutriious...a simple stir fry with onions and red chilllies is enough for me ..i can have it just like that :)...ghassi looks delicious!!!

  18. A new dish that i jes read here...looks wonderful.I have never tried using bamboo shoots too!good one!

  19. Thanks for following me! That's so exciting! There is such a thing as a sprout maker? I've always done mine in a jar. I did break down and buy little screens that screw onto the top of the jar to make draining and rinsing the sprouts easier, but I don't know how you could get any more high tech then that!

  20. Sowmya..Bamboo shoots are not available here in abundance and I have to make do with salted bamboo shoots.Would love to try out the fresh,crispy ones!!

    Raaga..hmm..kadgi tori ghashi sounds mouth-watering.Have some tori in the fridge and am gonna make it without the kadgi:-(..Chennai climate is perfect for curd-setting and I've never felt like buying after the curds set wonderfully!!

    Priya..thank you.Even I would love it fresh..but have to make do with salted ones!!

    Chitra..thank you.Hope you like it!!

    Sunshinemom..As one of my friends told me..Konkani cuisine includes-anything and EVERYTHING..Lol;-)!!

    Ashakka..thank you.I think I am gonna dream of Kadgi(raw jackfruit)today.First it was Raaga and now you..hmmm!!!

    AS..thank you so much!!

    Vaidehi..thanks.Yup it tasted great-its our favorite too!!

    Ashwini..most of the Konkani ghashis use a similar ground masala..only the seasoning and the ingredients differ.Do try it!!

    Cham..thanks.This ghashi goes well with rice as well as fluffy dosas!!

    Namrata..I add drumstick to most of the ghashis since its my hubbys fave..;-)Thanks for the tip on removing the skins!!

    Ramya..channa and potatoes..lovely!!

    Resh..thank you so much.Hope you enjoyed it..For the Thuppa polo,you need not refrigerate the maida batter,just keep it outside overnight.The urad dal batter needs to be refrigerated though!!

    HC..thank you so much!!

    Purnimakka..thank you.Soups with keerlu..that is something new,when are you gonna share the recipe??

    Ranji..thanks.I make a sprouted moong salad too.Yes its quite healthy and nutritious!!

    Nithya..thank you so much!!

    Joie de vivre..Its my pleasure..I can keep tab on your blog as soon as you update it!!I have no clue how the sprouts maker works,but yes there is such a thing!!

  21. Divya..polo turned out to be very nice...initially my dosa was looking all white and i thought something went wrong, but then after 2-3 dosa's it came out very well ...thnks a lot


  22. Resh..glad that it came out well.It is a light and fluffy dosa and I make it quite often..!!

  23. Hi Divya,

    Your combo is my dad's favorite. We all loved it. It reminded me of my childhood. It is a favorite dish almost all .

  24. This recipe is really going to keep me busy in the kitchen with all its glamor. This is another must for the weekend! My kids would just hug me for this.


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