Monday, January 26, 2009

Aloo Gobhi

Aloo gobhi reminds me of two things.One,a dialogue from the movie Bend it like Beckham where the “Punjabi” mom tells the football playing daughter---“Arrey..learn to make aloooo gobhee” and the second is my hubby’s dialogue”its tasty,but its not like what his mom made”.Not his mom,but his North Indian friend Rajiv’s mom!!

I don’t remember tasting aloo gobhi in a restaurant ever coz I never felt like choosing it over my regular PBM.I first made it when I chanced upon a recipe in Vanitha[Malayalam magazine] which featured authentic[!!] Punjabi wedding recipes.I found the recipe pretty easy and made it for dinner along with chapathi and eagerly waited for hubby’s reaction.I was in for a shock since he felt the dish did not deserve to be called aloo gobhi,instead I should name it cauliflower-potato side dish!!!

He gave me a rough idea as to what in his terms was the “real aloo gobhi”.I made it quite a few times and had completely lost hope on making it according to his taste.Few days back,I had chopped cauliflower,potatoes and onions for a simple upkari and then suddenly we decided to go out for dinner.I shoved it into the fridge and kept it for the next day.I forgot about it and when I finally got to it,it didn’t look as fresh for the upkari.The shriveled look of the gobhi gave me the idea to get into my apron and whip up alooooo gobheee(do we ever give up???).I made it completely according to my instinct and surprisingly,this time the reaction was “hmm..this one’s close enough”.Did I tell you my hubby is difficult to please….hmmmm.
Aloo Gobhi


Aloo/Potato – 1,chopped
Gobhi/Cauliflower – 1 medium,chopped
Onion – 1,chopped

Oil – 1 tbsp
Jeera/Cumin – 1 tsp

Make a paste

Haldi/turmeric powder – ½ tsp
Chilly powder – 1 tsp
Coriander powder – 1 tsp
Garam masala – 1 tsp
Ginger-garlic paste – 1 tbsp

Salt to taste
Coriander leaves
Kasoori methi


Parboil the potatoes and cauliflower.
In a kadai,heat the oil and splutter jeera.
Add the onions and sauté till they turn translucent(not brown).
Add the parboiled aloo and gobhi and sauté well for a minute or two.
Add the masala paste and salt and mix well.
Cover and cook till the masala coats the veggies and the dish becomes semi dry.
Keep the flame on high and stir the veggies till they become dry.
Add chopped coriander leaves and kasoori methi.
Serve hot.

*This is not the “real” recipe for aloo gobhi.I have made it according to my instinct and it has come out well too.If anyone has a recipe,I would love to have it.If you have posted it in your blogs,I would be glad to check it out!!


  1. This dish looks really simple and yummy!!!

  2. LOL! I remember that too. As long as she knows how to make aloo ghobee, who cares what other things she does, right?

    Looks yum, love it with parathas.

  3. Looks yumm..all i need with this is some hot pulkhas

  4. aloo gobi looks very delicious Divya

  5. Gobi is all time favourite.. Aloo Gobi looks yummy..It is simple and easy and is life saver...

  6. I like the masala that you added in aloo gobi :) Yummy

  7. awesome... cauliflower is my fav curry. will try your method next time. i don't make masala paste.. instead i add dry powders.. will try ur way for sure.

  8. Lovely and perfect with rice as well as rotis.

  9. Looks good Divya..I have these times when I follow instinct and it turns out good, but never note it down and can never get it rite the next time. So, its good to told us your method soon :)

  10. Looks so yummy deliciius.
    I love the combo of potato and cauliflower.
    My MIL told me when she go maried she polished my FIL black shoes one evening, and then next morning FIL, said she lissed few places and that was the last time she polished his shoes, she told if if u are not happy with wht she did for him he can do himself.

  11. aloo gobi means BILB:) LOL...
    i too love this dish except i make it in microwave. that reminds me i am yet to post the recipe of it;)

  12. This is one of my favorite dishes...make it so very often to have with chapathi...with the leftovers i make sandwich which is equally appealing..need to use butter for the toast that makes it flavorful!!good one divya!!

  13. Lol:) i remember the Aloo Gobhi dialogue.Very appealing dish!

  14. very simple and nice recipe.. this is an all time fav dish..

  15. So good to read a bit of Chettiar history D, thanks. I looked and looked for cookbook recipes, just couldn't find any except lonely Chicken Chettinad and then I had to rely on the web! Veg cuisine is very tasty, loved it! :))


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