Monday, January 12, 2009

Nimbya adgai~Lime pickle

Nimbya adgai/limbya nonche/lime pickle,one of my favorites while having a bad cold,when everything else tastes bland,this one’s a wonder pickle which does magic to your palette.I can have rice and this pickle alone and still feel very very satisfied.In fact,it was one of the first few dishes I prepared for hubby[amma prepared and I assisted;-)] before marriage.I avoided answering his question as to who ‘really’ made the pickle;-).

During my last trip to Ekm,I assisted amma(again!) to make this yummy pickle.We used a large sized lemon(also called Narthang in Konkani).I packed in a big bottle for myself and use it in ration;-).Recently we had it with curd rice and I just cant explain in words how tasty it was..;-).Taste it to believe it!!

Nimbya Adgai~Lime pickle


Lime – 1,big size OR 10-15 small
Salt – as required
Boiled water – 2 cups
Red chillies – 200 gms
Hing/asafoetida – 2 tsp
Green chillies – 7
Ginger – 1’ piece
Oil – 2-3 tbsp


Chop lime into small pieces.
Add a handful(about 4 tbsp) salt,mix well.
Keep this mixture on heat and keep stirring-do not add water.
When the mixture starts getting dry switch off the flame and let it cool.
Roast the red chillies in a few tsps oil.
Make a smooth paste using the boiled water(as required) and add to the lime-salt mix.
Add the hing and mix well.
In a little oil,fry the green chillies and ginger and add to the pickle.

P.S-As with regular pickles,this one too can be made according to one's taste buds.If you want it more/less spicy,add more/reduce chillies.

This pickle remains good for a few days in room temperature and for 2-3 months if kept refrigerated.[If it lasts that long..;-)] .

Sending this reddish beauty to Jai & Bee for this month's Click event-Red.


  1. normally I dont like pickles,But as you said this tangy one work wonders when you cant have anything else,this tastes great with curd rice..

  2. Divu, hw right u r ...this is a cold remedy-khana-accompaniment! My mil prepares one where she uses only the lemon,ginger,green chilies and hot salt water..not sure abt name. I hv bookmarked this one. :) Tks!

  3. I love the lime pickle best, way better than Mango. My mom used to buy the fresh pickle from B'lore city market. Now, I use SWAD pickle masala for pickling. Looks mouthwatering, I am drooling! :)

  4. I have never made pickles at home. But this recipe seems so simple, I am thinking of giving it a try...

  5. Love this with some curd rice... that tangy taste is just awesome.

  6. I love pickles and mango and lime are my favourite and this lime pickle looks so yumm delicious
    Drool drool.

  7. i made other type..this looks so simple

  8. Looks limely delicious! Hmm... hot and spicy pickle to go with curd rice.. Nothing can beat!

  9. lime pickle looks very yummy ..mouthwatering

  10. mmm. looks so delicious Divya! Nice click.

  11. Oh I cannot resist for pickle and curd rice (my confort food) Drooling....

  12. I love Lime pickle....and yours lools so delicious!!!
    Thank you Divya for all the nice comments in my blog....really appreciate it:)

  13. i love love love narathanga pickle....never knew about it until roopa gave me some...from then its one of my favs...good one divya!!and a lovely click as well:)..

  14. My Grandfather used to have this at every meal with curd rice! I prefer avakkaya but like this too. Yours looks so tempting! Brilliant color:)

  15. I am down with fever and cold right now and would love to have this with pej ... Very tempting pic

  16. nice click divya, i love lemon pickle .

  17. mouthwatering adgai...just i need a bowl of curd rice...


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