Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Simple Potato Upkari

Very often,while we dine out I come across single diners who just sit on a table facing the wall carrying a book or laptop in their hands and eating alone.I really get amused seeing them coz eating alone(let alone,dining out alone) is something which I absolutely detest.Many a times,I wait with a hungry stomach for hubby just so that I have company while I finish my meal.But its not always possible and I end up eating alone(without any choice) once in while.

If its dinner time,I usually make do with Maggi or cut fruits with milk but lunchtime is difficult.I have to make something for one(me) and that is something which I don’t much enjoy doing.I usually make quick fix items like Pulao/Fried rice in my one-whistle pressure cooker method,but last time I was not in a mood to make all that.I scanned the kitchen for the usual culprits and saw my favorite vegetable-Potato.I decided to make a simple potato upkari and while I was making it,it opened a box full of memories for me..

As kids,all three of us loved this upkari(which is a very VERY rare thing),so if in doubt,amma made this and satisfied all three of us.It was one of the first dishes I learnt to make.We loved it with chapathi too.I once made it with chapathi and packed it for our long bus journey,for me and my granny and she still says that she is not able to recreate that taste.I take it as a great compliment and have not bothered to ask her whether she really means it or she simply liked it because I made it!!
Simple Potato Upkari


Potatoes – 2-3,medium chopped into cubes
Oil – 2 tbsp
Mustard seeds – ½ tsp
Red chilly powder – 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Curry leaves – 1 sprig


In a kadai,add oil and splutter mustard seeds.
Add the chopped potatoes and mix well.
Now add the chilly powder and salt to taste.
Mix well,cover with a lid and let it cook on simmer.
[No need to add water,however if you feel that they are getting burnt,sprinkle a few tbsps of water].
Add curry leaves and mix well.
Serve hot.
I like having this upkari with plain rice,curds and my favorite pickle-puddi ghallele.While I was uploading the pic,I was just wondering-does this pic/dish qualify for;-)


  1. nice picture..i too adore this potato cooked in a simple way..

  2. hey... is this upkari or talasani. I love it nonetheless :)

  3. Upkari with potatoes, quite easy n delicious dish, loved the last pic, no doubt divya, its prefect for FIC, Harini will surely accept this cute potatoes...

  4. I don't like to eat out alone too. But then sometimes you have to s there is not toehr choice. Then i buy a magaine and read them, while waiting for the food to arrive.

  5. I make this too as it is easy and tasty! BTW, are you still wondering?? It looks yellow, I think!! Will I see it on FIC?

  6. love this upkari we add whole red chillies instead of red chilli powder.

  7. I usually cook for 4 everyday but if I am alone which is very rare, I love to make Masala Maggi noodles! :D

    Alu fry looks yum. If you have added a bit of Turmeric, it would have qualified for yellow, now it's chilli red. I love this with chapatis! :))

  8. Aloo fry and curd rice what a confort food with pickle on ur side, alone or not , if i have this plate, it doesn't matter to eat alone for me!

  9. D, thanks for a bit of history on Chettiars girl enjoyed reading it. I looked and looked for veg recipes in my cookbooks, just couldn't find them except few non-veg. I had to rely on the web, loved the veg cuisine though, smelled good and tasted great too! I am not a fan of too much Fennel in cooking, so used less than required! :))

  10. I love your blog and I intend to list it on mine, with your permission! Thank you!

  11. this looks yummyyyy...

  12. lovely picture.. Rice potato and curd..Lovely meal..I am never alone so have to cook..

  13. ur meal is fabulous. yummy potatoes..

  14. Hello Divya!

    Nice one! I'm a malayali and we make a very similar dish at home called URULAKIZANGU MEZHUKUPERATTI (POTATO SMEARED IN OIL).. well i hope i could get the translation correct! :)The only difference is we add a pinch or turmeric too!

    Loved your pictures! Looking for more from you!

    Happy Blogging!!



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