Friday, January 16, 2009

Jeevkadgi Phodi - Shallow fried Breadfruit

I was a very fussy eater[still am;-)] while growing up and always caused trouble to amma on the eating front.There were very few vegetables I liked and I insisted she cook only with those ones.I was very happy if she made Cabbage upkari or Valval or Ghashi on a daily basis.It was only after I started cooking that I realized how bad it feels if someone doesn’t enjoy eating what you cook(irrespective of whether that person actually likes eating that particular dish).

After wedding,a sea change occurred in my eating habits.Partially because I couldn’t say No to some dishes which my ma-in-law made and partially because I actually seemed to enjoy the new taste I was discovering.But of course,there are many vegetables which I still don’t like and haven’t cooked,fortunately some vegetables are jointly disliked by me and hubby;-).

I had this Phodi(fry) made of Jeevkadgi(Breadfruit/Raw jackfruit also called as Gudhgo in Kerala Konkani) while in Bangalore at hubbys place.I tried it without actually knowing what it was and I think that’s why I liked it so much.Otherwise I don’t think I would have relished eating breadfruit fries.Since we are on a diet mode,I made this phodi using the shallow fry method and I don’t think the taste is different from the usual deep fry method.

Jeevkadgi Phodi ~ Breadfruit fries


Jeevkadgi – 1,medium sized
Red chilly powder – 1 tbsp
Salt to taste
Asafoetida/Hing – 1 tsp
Rice flour – 1 -2 tbsp
Oil as required


Chop the breadfruit into thickish slices like this.
*Be careful and apply oil on your hands as well as the knife,it could get very sticky and messy.
Add chilly powder,salt,hing and rice flour to the pieces.
Mix well and keep aside for sometime(about ½ an hour should do).
Keep a dosa tava on flame and add 1-2 tbsp oil.
Arrange the marinated breadfruit pieces on the tava.
Sprinkle a bit water on top and cover with a lid.
Keep the flame on simmer and let it cook for about 10 minutes.
When it has browned evenly on one side flip and cook the other side too(no need to cover this time).
Serve hot with rice and dalithoy or simply munch on it during tea-time!!

Raaga calls it Divkadgi..check out her version here.


  1. Missing jeevkadgi so much.. They are my all time fav.. kele phodi,jeev kadgi phodi.. the list is endless.. I would love to have simple pej and phodi anytime or sheeth,toi and phodi.. Looks yummy

  2. Breadfruit never had them, this looks delicious n would love to taste them for the sure..

  3. Lucky to get raw Jackfruit. I love it and used to cook with that in India. Here, I get canned soaked in brine, not so good but better than nothing! :))

    Enjoy, looks yum.

  4. Gudhgo is one of my fav veggies...I havent eaten it in yrs now since it not available here is its upkari or fry or chips or anything made with it!!That phodi looks delicious divya...

  5. ehmmm...can't recognise that one, but looks interesting..will check it out what it is!

  6. This is a new preparation for me! We do make chakka poduthuval (stir fry), and MIL prepares it in gravy but never had this. Wish I could try! Are you from the Konkan region?

  7. I always love breadfood.
    This looks so yummy.
    I think last time i had this was some 19 years back.
    Hava not had them after getting married.

  8. I never tasted one! Looks delicious and tasty the fry

  9. mmm. looks so mouth-watering! Have a great weekend.

  10. I am learning all konkan recipes from Uj and you..never heard of bread fruit..looks interesting

  11. this is mt fav veggie and cant say no to it :)

  12. I too love this Divya.You are tempting me too much :P

  13. Divu, my mom is biggest 'phodi' fans, she converts it into her dinners too!(gula is one more..manglorean green round brinjal which gives excellent phodi results!;D) Jeev kadgi phodi form..looks great..nice recipe here! Thks for sharing!

  14. Breadfruits are my all time fav:)we call it jeegujje..missing it so much now, after seeing ur delicious spread:)

  15. this gudgya phodi would be fav for all the konkani's i guess... and mine too...

  16. I made these too :-)

  17. jeevkadgi phodi is really melting in my mouth as i am seeing ur pic...great!!!

  18. I missed this post earlier Divya..Kadagi phodi polovnu thonda udaak etta assa makka. A big favorite of mine. My mom actually hunts it down all over when I visit her so that I can have some :)..

  19. Makkai tonda udaak yetta. My mouth is watering but I've got the chance to taste this only a very few times in life.


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