Sunday, November 9, 2008

Kappa Upkari

I have raved enough about Kappa here,still so much more to rave;-).Kappa upkari is a dish which was a regular during kappa season.All of us loved the delicious kappa seasoned with chilly powder in coconut oil.The only thing to ensure the taste would be to use good quality kappa,which according to me is kappa available in Kerala.I usually boil the kappa and have it with chammanthi but this one is a treat!! Amma usually makes it in huge quantities(one leftover which appa doesn't mind having).While eating,she again sautes it in a little coconut oil so that it remains crispy on the outside and chewy inside.I am planning take some on my trip back..;-)

Recipe Marathon - Day 9
Kappa Upkari


Kappa/Tapioca - 1 kg
Coconut oil - 3-4 tbsp
Mustard seeds - 1 tsp
Urad dal - 1 tsp
Chilly powder - 3-4 tsp
Salt to taste


Wash and peel the kappa.
Chop into small pieces as you would to make upkari/stir-fry.
Boil water in a big pan and add the chopped kappa to it.
When it comes to a rolling boil,drain the kappa and keep aside(the kappa would be half cooked by now)
In a kadai,add the coconut oil and splutter mustard seeds.
Add chilly powder and salt and stir well(this is to ensure that the seasoning coats well on the kappa pieces).
Add the kappa and simmer till it cooks-do not add water.
Tastes great as a tea-time snack.
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  1. name sounds new to me but it making me hungry...

  2. that looks good divya..but this sounds very authentic of your cuisine!

  3. Simple n delicious upkari divya..i never tried with tapioca..need to try...

  4. Divya kappa is new to me, but looking delicious.

  5. Nice snack with hot tea.I too make it but little differently.This one looks delish

  6. mmm, you have tempted me to buy it next time from the grocery store:) Its turned out perfect :)

  7. I've heard soo much about kappa since I started blogging. I will have to find some soon, cos this dish looks yumm!

  8. Heard of this many times, but never tasted. I will have to ask the Kerala veg. vendor for this one. Is it season now for kappa?

  9. Looks like a great simple recipe. Perfectly comforting for the cold weather! :)

  10. Nice. I was seeing these ones in the market an musing over it, whether to buy it or not. since i didn't know any recipe for it. and decided not to buy. next time when i go to market sure will them and try it out.

  11. never had it this way i always love its chips.

  12. Hahahahha..u wont believe it..i have one of these in my drafts..all ready to be posted tomo..u beat me to it :) these so much..especially with pej..
    U made muleegu??awesome...i ate so much of these when i was in india...unfortunately i couldnt see ur photos :(...

  13. Looks yummy with rice..Havent had this though..

  14. Not sure what kappa is but it sure looks delicious


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