Sunday, November 2, 2008

Corn Au Gratin

There was a time when we were eating out regularly.It had become almost a habit,weekend was spent eating out and lazy weekdays were spent ordering in.We never realized how it was taking its toll on our health until we were shaken into reality.This year,we have gone out very few times,and ordering in has also reduced,I make rice/chapathi and only order the side dish.That way it is sort of a win-win for us.

One place in Chennai where I would want to go every weekend is a quaint restaurant in Besant nagar –Eden.We went there first time when we were searching for a veg restaurant nearby to take my parents when they were in town.When we saw the menu,we were surprised to find continental dishes featured.We didn’t try any of those and spent the time eating North Indian food.It is only the next time we were tempted to try out the continental menu when we saw someone in our next table ordering it.I still remember sheepishly asking the waiter what was it that was on the next table.We loved it so much that we frequented the place despite it being purely vegetarian.They have an amazing spread and I would suggest anyone visiting Chennai to try it out once!

I tried out one of their signature dishes Corn Florentine/Corn au gratin,which is Corn Kernels baked in white sauce with Spinach,I avoided the spinach though.It came out delicious.

Recipe Marathon - Day 2

Corn Au Gratin


Sweet corn Kernels – 2 cups
Cauliflower florets – 3-4,thinly sliced(optional)
Oil – 2 tsp
Onion – 1,finely chopped
Salt to taste

For the white sauce

Butter – 3 tbsp
Maida/flour – 3 tbsp
Milk – 1 ½ cups
White pepper – 1 tsp

Grated cheese – ½ cup
Bread crumbs – 3 tbsp(I put 2 slices of bread in the mixer and pulsed for a minute)


In a pan,add oil and fry the onions till they become translucent(not brown)
Add corn and cauliflower(if using) and ¼ cup water.
When the corn-cauliflower gets cooked,add salt and switch off the flame.keep aside.

Making the white sauce
In a thick bottom pan,add the butter.
Add the maida and keep stirring to avoid burning.
Add the milk little by little and mix well to form a thick sauce.
Add pepper, ¼ cup grated cheese and mix well.

Mix the cooked veggies and the white sauce till the sauce coats well.

Grease a flat baking dish.
Pour this mix and sprinkle the rest of the cheese and bread crumbs.
Pre heat the oven on 180C.
Bake for 20 minutes or till the top browns well.
Serve hot with toasted bread.

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  1. Wow, the gratin looks so delish Divya..:) love the first pic.


  2. I love Au gratins, cause of all the cheese. Looks great

  3. wow.. nice entry Divya... looks really yummy & delicious... perfect ... nice click as well... thxs for sharing...

  4. this is the second gratin recipe which I bookmarked :). Lovely recipe with tempting pics. keep it up Divya.

  5. I love gratin dishes with cheese and this look super delicious. Do them with cauliflower i am sure you will love it.

  6. That looks great..though I have never dined at Eden!

  7. this sounds new and easy too....sth different......

  8. Very Lovely.I love Gratin dishes.Pass over.

  9. Wow gratin with corn..fantastic..looks delicious..

  10. Thats a beautiful entry Divya:) Reading your blog gives me and idea of which all places I can dine when I come there sometime. The Corn-au-Gratin is something I never tried. White sauce sounds good:)

  11. Corn au gratin looks really gooey and perfect

  12. This is new to me..Looks yummy Divya..

  13. This sounds to good and easy to make DIv..

  14. I love Eden's corn on toast niblets.. yours look perfect...

  15. this sounds so easy! thanks for a great recipe!

  16. Gratins look so yummy!

    This is my first time here. U have a lovely space.jus popped in to say a hi!

  17. this looks So creamy and delicious. what an awesome side dish.

  18. the perfect side dish - creamy and warming.

  19. Hi Divya:

    I was looking for an au gratin recipe and stumbled on your blog. Made me smile 'cos Eden used to be one of my fav. hangouts and still continues to be every time I go back home. And each time, even without asking, the waiter used to ask me - Corn Florentine, Madam? Clearly, he knew me well enough to know that that was a surefire order along with the Kashmiri aloo. I went there recently after 3+ years and was thrilled to find the same taste. Like you, I tried to replicate the same recipe with spinach and corn and that's one of my usual recipes that comes out really well, but doesn't have that taste of Eden. Will try yours and see if it's the same :)

    Have a nice day!

  20. should try this at home.. miss eden :(


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