Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Nei (Ghee) Roast ~ Step by Step Recipe

I am always confused whenever we go out for breakfast in a restaurant.I always order one thing and end up craving for another one on my neighbours plate..;-).I ask hubby what he’s having ,so that I can share his item and order something else..;-).A similar incident happened yesterday morning.We went to Saravana Bhavan for breakfast and we ordered our usual item-14 idli ghee sambhar,which is mini-idlis soaked in Sambhar with a spoonful of ghee as garnish.We simply love it and I was absolutely looking forward to have it with a hungry stomach.And here comes the twist,the 4-some in our next table ordered Nei(Ghee) roast and when I saw 4 Rocket shaped dosas smelling just divine,I wanted to have those..if given a chance,all 4 of them..;-).

There was no way I could stuff my stomach after the delicious bowl of mini-sambhar idlis.So the only option was to postpone my craving till our next visit or make it for breakfast the next day,and I chose the latter option.Had a scrumptious breakfast of Nei roast with thick coconut chutney today morning and felt so happy and content!!

Recipe Marathon – Day 19

Nei (Ghee) Roast


Idli rice – 2 cups
Urad dal – 1 cup
Methi seeds – 1 tsp
Salt to taste
Ghee – as required to make dosas


Soak the rice and dal-methi separately and grind to a smooth paste.
Mix both the batters together,add salt to taste and keep the batter for fermenting overnight.
Add more water to the batter if it is too thick.
Place a dosa tawa on flame and make dosas.
Pour melted ghee on top and roast till the dosa becomes brown and crisp.

To make rocket dosa

Spread the batter thinly as you would to prepare a dosa.
Pour ghee and when it starts becoming brown and crisp,simmer the flame and make a small cut on the dosa with the dosa ladle from the middle to outside. Start rolling the dosa from the cut part till it becomes a rocket-shape. Serve hot with chutney.
For the Chutney
Add grated coconut(1 cup),1 green chilly,a small piece of tamarind,1 sprig curry leaves and salt to taste together and grind to a smooth paste WITHOUT adding water.If the chutney is too dry and does not grind easily,sprinkle few drops of water and then grind.

A peep into my fellow marathoners kitchen!!


  1. wow divya, thats a neat demonstration of making ghee dosa:) The 'rocket' is come out well ;-) I am sure it launched immedietly into your stomach after taking this pic ;-)

  2. thats superb...never knew it was folded this way..thanks for sharing..

  3. Lovely.I avoid ghee these days.But love to have this.Nice of you to share the saravana bhavan experience.It happens to me too whenever I go to such places.Oh,the ghee roast is calling me,you r trying to fatten us up ,absolutely divine

  4. Wow tha tis one delicious looking nei roast. I can feel the srispness from here.
    I too grab always things from mu daughter and hubby to their horror , both of them say keep your hands of our food.

  5. Aww....thank you for the pictorial......I always wanted to ty try that hat shaped dosa....thanks..thanks :)

  6. what a pretty cone of crispy ghee it...they are really tempting :)..even i feel the exact same thing when we go out....i wish i had ordered that thought :)..

  7. my thats my fav...even I have the same feeling..I dont' eye the next plate..but would order them...heheheh

  8. same happens with me too..i order something but end up craving for somethingelse...i also make sure that my hubby is having diff item so that i can digg in that too :) your ghee roast is so yum! i miss saravanabhavan now.....

  9. Am hungry....looksssssssss delicious, crispy...i love ghee roast...

  10. yum, yum! I love such kind of dosas too! looks so professional Divya! Now you're tempting me to make it!

  11. Ah I would love to go to the restau and order all this food but now i should make it after seeing ur roast!

  12. Hey even thats what happens to me....i feel that the one my hubby orderd tasted good than what i got...i dont know why??
    Sometime even we have 1-2 gheedosas along with plain dosas...

  13. That totally looks like a restaurant dosai!

  14. Love topi(hat) dosa, my kid loves this, nice step by step presentation..Perfectly roasted !

  15. Wow...You have made nei roast like a pro. If you have told this is the snap clicked at the hotel, I wld hv believed. Great job.

  16. lovely :-) I so know what you mean :-)

  17. when i was reading your post today i was thinking about me same thing happnes to me too insted of my plate i like others plate he he hee and this neiroast mmmmmm amazing

  18. wow .. lovely demo .. looks sooo yummy .. i too get confused on what to order at restaurants N i end up craving for something else

  19. you have shaped it so well looks yummy

  20. Same problem with me too.. I end up digging hubby's plate than mine ;) I make this dosa often minus ghee.. I never knew it was called ghee dosa.. very nice presentation

  21. wow1 I envy your dosa making skills! Would love to be your neighbour. :)

  22. nei ghee roast super.

    cone shape wow......


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