Thursday, November 13, 2008

Adsara Polo~Tender coconut dosa!

I have been thinking of posting this dosa since a very long time.Here I am, posting it from amma's place..seems like I was waiting for this opportunity.One of my favorite dosas,this one is also called "Soi polo",meaning coconut dosa.Usually tender coconut is used for making this dosa,which provides the slightly sweet taste to it.Its almost similar to Panpolo.I like to pair it with sugar and end it with pickle.Got introduced to this yummy combo of churna(coconut-jaggery mix)when I had this dosa in a famous restaurant Mathsya in t-nagar.Grated coconut can also be used in case tender coconut is not available,in which case,you would need to add a tsp of sugar for the sweet taste.

Even though majority of my cooking is compared with his amma's cooking by hubby,this is one thing which he always says my amma prepares best!Everytime I make this,I wait for him to take his first bite and then wait to hear what he has to say..most of the times it is-hmm..its nice,maybe its the coconut..;-).Why blame the poor coconut..;-)??

Recipe Marathon - Day 13
Adsara Polo~Tender coconut dosa


Raw rice - 1 cup
Tender coconut chopped - about 3/4 cup
Or-Grated coconut - 1/2 cup+1 tsp sugar
Salt to taste


Soak the raw rice for 2-3 hours(if having for breakfast,you could soak it overnight too).
Grind it with tender coconut to a smooth batter.
Add salt to taste and water if required.
The texture should be a little more thinner than the regular dosa batter.
Place a dosa tava on flame and make dosas using enough oil.
Cook on both sides and serve hot with churna.
For the churna-Mix melted jaggery and grated coconut together and cook till it becomes a slightly dry mix.
Add crushed cardamom.
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2) Siri
4) Ranji


  1. I have never had dosa with coconut. Actually i didn't know they made them untill i started blogging. Your look really yummm

  2. Plate is inviting..would love to have rite now...looks delicious..

  3. I love it with sugar and sugar only.Its delicious :P.Nice of you to post it

  4. Dosa is so sponge and flavorful ..Never made this

  5. I dont remb when was the last time I had it, I like that dosa, my mom used to prepare it sometimes,:)

  6. nice recipe..would love to try it sometime..

  7. hey divya i used to hate this dosa back home.. but now missing it one of its kind/..

  8. Dosa using tender coconut. New to me. Looks nice.

  9. dosas have come out well.. i think this is also called as neer dosa in some part of karnataka. i used to hog one of my colleagues box when he used to get this for lunch.

  10. hey this polo is similar to panpolo.. I too love to have panpolo with churna :)

  11. it looks really nice with coconut chutney ..i liked it wht is one more chutney u have kept

  12. Divya dosa looks yummy. Its a long time I had this.. delicious entry.

  13. Yum classic. Iam going to try this dosa right away. Thanks for sharing this wonderful recipe

  14. looks so tender indeed.Very delicious and temping. Gujrathi dal pics are not showing Div.

  15. I love panpolo... reminds me of how long it has been since I last ate it!


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