Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Tomato Soup

As I am writing this,it is slightly drizzling here,in Chennai.The perfect climate to enjoy a bowl of soup sitting by the window side or the balcony enjoying the weather.Yeah,am back in Chennai and sulking badly!!..the soup has pepped me up a bit though..:-/.Home-made tomato soup is something which I absolutely dote on.Mainly because,it is one thing which gives me an almost restaurant-like result and is a very simple recipe.

The way tomato prices are soaring,I don’t think I’ll be having this frequently though..;-).A perfect soup to have during a diet,without the croutons.In fact,I don’t know whether I like the soup better or the croutons in it..!!Here,I sliced bread into lengthy strips and shallow fried in a tawa without oil/butter.A bowl of soup,few slices of Tomato & Cucumber and shallow fried bread sticks comprised my dinner tonight..!!

Recipe Marathon – Day 18

Tomato Soup


Tomatoes – 2,medium sized,cut into two
Onion – 1,small,cut into two
Carrot – 1,small,cut into two
Whole peppercorns – 5-6
Cinnamon – 1’ piece
Clove – 3-4


Pressure cook all the ingredients together with enough water.
Make a smooth paste using a mixer and strain through a sieve to collect the pulp.
In a kadai,add a very little amount of butter/ghee(optional) and add the pulp.
Add salt to taste and let it come to a rolling boil.
Garnish with mixed herbs(optional).
Serve hot!!
A peep into my fellow marathoners Kitchen..:-)!!!


  1. I totally agree home made soups are the best and thistomato soup looks yumm.

  2. Looks lovely.The addition of carrots is healthier

  3. Down with cold.This sounds agreat remedy!

  4. Looks delicious...prefect n yummy...

  5. Always have cream of tomato soup in restaurants. Looks yumm

  6. Initially I thought how come tomato's color become so dul. is that bcoz of adding carrot?? but addition of carrot sound good.

  7. soup looks really yummy..its raining here almost everyday and am tired of the rain now..so boring..soup seems so comforting to me.

  8. Slrup slrup slrup.... drinking out the soup. Looks comforting and yum.

  9. I also agree that home made soups are better than those in the can. This soup will serve as a great change to my Cabbage Soup. I'll try it this week!



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