Sunday, November 30, 2008

Butter Cake -RM # 2

As decided by the RM members,its got to be a sweet for the finale.I thought of making a cake and hence dropped a line jokingly saying that Sugar should be made the common ingredients for all;-).I wanted to make a butter cake after writing down the recipe a long time back.I had all the ingredients ready and I wanted to finish off the butter in the fridge after its not-so-happy-stay in nil electricity.

Its been a pleasure participating in the Recipe Marathon and I thank DK for coming up with something as spectacular as this.I wanted to prove to myself that I can accept a challenge and finish it too.Though the circumstances were not in my favour during the last few days,I have managed to tag along and willingly accept the late runner medal.I have enjoyed posting daily and it was real fun doing this as a great team.I thank all my fellow runners too…love you pals!!
This cake is my small gift for all of you!!

Recipe Marathon – Day 30-The grand Finale!!
Butter Cake


Maida – 2 cups
Baking powder – 2 tsp
Salt – ¼ tsp
Butter – ½ cup
Sugar – ½ cup
Eggs – 3
Vanilla essence – 1 tsp
Milk – 1 cup


Sift together maida,baking powder and salt twice or thrice.
Cream butter and sugar until fluffy.
Add in the eggs one by one and beat well.
Mix in the vanilla essence and beat well till it is incorporated.
Add the flour in batches alternating with milk.
Mix well till you get a smooth batter.
Preheat the oven to 180*C.
Grease a cake tin with some butter and dust with flour.
Pour the batter into the tin and bake at 180*C for 25-30 minutes,or till done.
I had some chocolate syrup in the fridge which I incorporated into the batter halway,but that is purely optional!!I loved the chocolatey taste in between..;-).I got some leftover batter with which I made some muffins,they came out well too.Overall a great cake,though it doesn’t look much pretty!!

And have a look at the final post of my dear marathon runners!!

1) DK
2) Siri
3) Srivalli
4) Ranji
6)Curry Leaf
16)Divya M
19)Lakshmi Venkatesh


  1. Lovely and Lovely.Thanks for the recipe

  2. Divu, i cd eat all of that..such perfect one..they appeal a lot! The idea of choco syrup ...yummm..even the muffins n slices look so neat ...u hv mastered baking a lot!! That was perfectttttt post for RM2 last day!! Bookmarked!

  3. Tempting butter cake divya...looks simply fabulous..hope u r safe Divya..glad to see ur post dear..

  4. hey Dhivya,
    Cake look so moist and yummy, like chocolate sauce you added there, give nice texture and taste.

  5. yummy cake divya :) it looks so moist! and hey congrats for completing the marathon successfully!!

  6. WOW!!!i cannot see a better way to end the marathon...cake looks the addition of chocolate sauce in between...really tempting..good one divya...was really nice running along with ya :)

  7. Congragulation with the recipe marathon. I am so impressed with all of you guys, for posting everyday.
    The cake looks so yummy delicous

  8. delicious cake divya! Congrats on the successful completion of marathon!

  9. Wonderful ending Divya.....Want to make cake myself..i think ur butter dake is a best option.....

  10. Wow divya, that looks delicious ! Very nice smooth finish to the cake and to the RM :) Nice way to use up the butter :) It was nice running with you :)

  11. Sowmya,Curryleaf..thanks so much!!

    Purnimakka..I am flaterred by your nice words!!

    Priya..thanks a lot.And yeah,I am safe and fine now,thanks for asking!!

    Madhu..thank you!!

    Viji,SMN..thank you!!

    Maria..thank was fun running in the marathon!!

    Ranji..thanks so much..loved all your dishes and it was a pleasure running with you too!!

    HC,Uma..thank you so much!!

    Divya..glad to know you want to try it..let me know how it turned out!!

    Roopa..thank you.It was a pleasure running with you too!!

  12. hey cake looks really yummy... it looks very very tempting...

  13. wow! looks delicious and and so moist and yummy! shall i have one piece?

  14. Congrats on your recipe marathon..really a great effort!!! :)
    Love the cakes too :)

  15. Hi Divya :)I'm Kalmeet from Malaysia..I tried your butter cake recipe twice.Everyone at home loved it..thank you so much for sharing this recipe..I will try out other cake recipes of yours..You gave me the confidence to bake perfect cakes!Thanks again!:)

  16. Hi Divya :)I'm Kalmeet from Malaysia..I tried your butter cake recipe turned out well..everyone at home loved it..Thanks for sharing this recipe..You gave me the confidence to bake perfectly!:)I will try out other cake recipes of yours and let you know how it turns out..Thanks again!:)

  17. hey dere i tried many times bakng a cake
    i m havng electrolux microwave , evry time i tried baking it it neva turned fluffy as i m allergic to egg so dint put it but d cake dint even turned fluffy rather d cake mix just turned stiky inside
    n can v use milk instead of butter
    plzz help me out dear

  18. i tried making cake many times but evry time the cake mix dnt cooked n turned into sumthng sticky mix aftr bakng
    i m using elctrolux micrwv n bak it in convex mode at 180 for 30 min .
    plzzz help me out dis has lead to very low confdnc of bakng
    n can i use milk instead of butter
    help me as sson as possible

    1. Butter can be replaced by oil,but cakes like these get the fluffy texture with the addition of eggs and butter:)

  19. hey ur butter cake turned out to b a big hit for me
    n first time i made a perfect cake yeppiiiieeeeee
    thankxx alot buddyy realyy heartiest thankxx to u thankxx a lot :)


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