Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Surna Adgai~Yam pickle - Step by Step Recipe

One of my brothers’ favorite pickle and I remember how we tried making it at home[my brother stayed with me for a year when he was working here].Both of us loved the way amma made it and after a few frantic calls,we were ready.Everything was going right,we cut the yam into thin pieces,fried it,it was only while grinding the chillies that disaster struck.The chillies had to be ground first to a powder and then water added for required consistency.I had no clue about that and I poured enough water for the chillies to grind and pulsed the mixie.

I was expecting to see a creamy-consistency masol[masala] and what I was looking into was something far far from that.Some of the chillies were ground,some stubborn ones remained whole and there was enough water to grind some more chillies..sigh.Anyway,both of us had it with a sad face,not willing to take responsibility of who spoiled it!!It was more like a curry,than a pickle!!

I have made the pickle many times after that and each time I grind the chillies I am reminded of this funny incident.One of the best compliments I received was from my brother saying..’it almost tastes like amma’s’..Yaaayyy!!!

Surna Adgai – Yam pickle


Surnu/Yam – 250 gms
Red chillies – about 2 handful(mix of byadgi chillies and normal red chillies)-reduce the amount of chillies if you don't want it too hot!!
Tamarind – 1 small piece
Salt to taste
Oil for frying

For the seasoning

Oil – 1 tsp
Mustard seeds – ½ tsp
Curry leaves – a few

Cut the yam into longish thin pieces(similar to French fries).
Deep fry them in oil till golden brown and crisp.In the same oil,fry the chillies.In a deft motion,put the chillies inside the oil and take it out immediately. Grind the chillies in a mixer till they become powdery. Add tamarind and salt and a little water to make it into a smooth paste. Keep adding water till you get the required consistency. In a kadai,prepare the seasoning.
Add oil,splutter mustard seeds and curry leaves.
Add the ground paste and fried yam pieces.
Mix well,check for salt.
The pickle just needs to heat up,switch off before it starts boiling. Keep it overnight for the yam to absorb the flavors and devour it with Idli-Dosa,Appo or with rice.
Lasts long if kept refrigerated in air-tight bottles.


  1. Divyaaaa , this is my favorite, I love it so much, I imagin myself drinking it sometimes:) Thanks a ton for posting this :) oooh my mouth definitly waters seeing this:) I fondly remember that my mom used to prepare it especially for my late dad as surnu was one of his favorite item:) idli/polo with surna edigai ,...mmmmm, drooool :)

  2. This pickel is really now to me. I didn't even know we could make pickles with these.
    It sure looks yummy delicious.

  3. I like this with rice as well as polo

  4. Hi Divya,
    I usually don't find suran in my Indian store. The vegetable they call "yam" here in the Chinese or farmer's market is like a orange colored sweet potato. Luckily, I found "Indian" suran yesterday at the Indian store. I thought I will make phodi, upkari or curry. But now,I have found a new recipe for suran. Thanks for the recipe.

  5. Wow,
    great recipe..never tried it before ..It would definitely taste great with Idli !!
    thanks for sharing :)


  6. Never heard of this Divya! And boy! Those idlis look so soft...

  7. am surely going to make this..bookmarked..

  8. Never heard of chenai pickle. I am surely going to try this soon.

  9. Roopa..glad to know its one of your favorite pickles..my pleasure!!

    HC..thank you!!

    Curry leaf..same here,I love it with idlis too!!

    Supriya..glad that you want to try it out..believe me..you are going to love it!!

    Vaidehi..thank you!!

    Anu..thanks dear!!

    Sowmya,Jayasree..let me know how it turned out!!

  10. looks great yaar...i never heard that with yum we can make pickle...step by step method is superab..

  11. Love any spicy pickles, never tried pickles with yam..its quite interesting, bookmarked..

  12. is this similar to Surna koot? I'm still laughing :-)

  13. Hey new concept. never had this pickle before thanks for sharing

  14. Pavani,Priya..thanks a lot!!

    Raaga..yes,its quite similar to Surna Koot!!

    SMN..thank you!!

  15. HI Divya! I tried this yesterday....while the taste was good...the dish was rather dry...just like a bhaji with some coating...I tried to add more water and it was like kolambu...how did you get that pulpy look with a little amount of tamarind?Are any lentils to be added to give thickness to the gravy?


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