Thursday, June 12, 2008

Tirupati Laddoo

Back from Tirupati-had a great darshan,eventhough it was quite crowded(this time too).We have been going to Tirupati almost every year ever since I can remember.Every time we go, there are some changes made but one thing is constant-the rush-and it is growing and growing every year.The first time my parents went to Tirupati was after their wedding,in 1975.They say,during that time the entry was through the main gate,the front gopuram of the temple-a thing which is next to impossible now(unless you are a V.V.I.P).My hubby had never been there before and it was his first visit there after our marriage,in 2002.After we came out from the temple,the first thing he said was-"we stand in the queue for so long,but we cannot even start praying the moment we reach in front of the Lord because we are shoved away in a superfast motion by the volunteers".Something which we cannot help!!! I have found a solution for this problem-I start praying from my list(which I can assure is not a short one);-) the moment we enter the sanctum sanctorium,so by the time we reach in front of Lord Balaji,my list is over and I can pray with peace;-).This time,we had two darshans-one was Archananandara Seva and the other one was Kalyanothsavam.


  1. Glad you had a good time there.

    I have never been to Tirupati and no plans to go either but I would line up just for that humongous laddu!!:))

  2. I've been to tirumala so many times too! I know about those long lines, so tedious! But at the moment we see Lord Venkateswara, all that weariness will go away, don't you think so? The laddus and vada are making me nostalgic, divya! Glad to hear you had a good time there.

  3. These are the best ladoos I have ever tasted.Lucky to visit every year.Nice write up.

  4. Divya, tks for sharing the virtual ladoos! They are out of this world! Tks for thinking for all of us!

  5. I thought it is going to talk about the recipe for the disappointed.

    1. Sorry if this post disappointed you,but I believe no one can replicate this Laddoo,had to be got as prasadam from Tirumala:)


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