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Puran Poli-Ubbatti-Boli ~ Step by Step Recipe

Sweets make me weak..I mean,go weak on the knees.;-)I really don't know how I survived without it for 5 months now.All hell broke loose when we went to Bangalore,literally.All of them felt,enough of the diet and asked me to have at least "a little bit" or they will not feel good about eating it!!Ahem ahem,to say I was tempted would be putting it lightly.I badly wanted someone to force me to eat something so that I could be devoid of all the guilt!!And once I started eating 'little bits",it became one too many and there was no stopping me.One week and I put on 1 kg,I guess that says it all!!But it was all worth it..!!

Puran poli-Ubbatti-Boli is something which my ma-in-law prepared for us.It was yum yum yummy.We made it together,ok my contribution was-taking pics,while my ma-in-law and vanni prepared it.It is supposed to be had with ghee smeared all over,but we preferred having it plain.Though I have to admit I had one with ghee;-)It is upto you whether to have it plain or with ghee,it will taste yummier whichever way you eat it!!

Puran poli


Channa dal-Bengal gram dal - 1 cup
Jaggery- 1 cup
Maida - 1 1/2 cups
Kesar powder - 1 pinch ( optional)
Turmeric powder - 1 tsp
Oil - 8 tbsps
Cardamom pods - 2-3


Sieve maida.Add turmeric powder and kesar powder mixed with milk(if adding).Knead well using oil as required and prepare a soft dough.Keep aside for 2-3 hours.
Cook channa dal in a pressure cooker till done.
Add jaggery to the cooked dal.Mix well till it forms a lump.
Grind to a smooth paste without adding water.
Add cardamom,grind well.
Maida dough and bengal gram dal filling is ready.

Make lime sized balls of both the maida and the filling.
Make puris with maida dough and place the filling.

Close it fully with the puri,by folding it all around.

Roll the polis into small puris.

Place a tawa on flame and roast the polis on both sides till brown.

Serve with ghee.

Sending this entry to Sweet series at Paajaka and to Srivalli's Roti Mela.

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  1. I was just going to say send it to Myth!:D
    Good one, looks yummy!:)

  2. nice step by step instructions divya!!love this soooooooo much..can go on having it:)..loos soo good..

  3. wow..Divya, i love ubbatis..ur mil n sil seems to hv made it very very tasty!!! I used to gobble mine wt a tbspn of home made tup ..for each! :D tks for sharing!

  4. I love Puran Poli..urs looks delicious.

  5. Looks wonderful and well illustrated. Thank you for participating in the event. See you at the roundup.

  6. Wow, the puranpolis look delicious, Divya! lovely entry for both the events.

  7. these puranpolis look delicious,nice recipe.

  8. looks great..thanks for the entry!

  9. Wow..looks great !! This is my favourite meethi poli !!

  10. Hi Divya...
    This is my fav. Poli so good. Turned out so perfect. Lovely yellow color. YUM!

  11. Looks yummy Divya..nice entry for both events.Atvery visit to india mom sends us with 2 big packs of poli..we love it..

  12. I always thought of making them but never had the courage....u did a splendid job...

  13. Asha,thank you.Its Mythreyee's event which prompted me to post it..hehe!!

    Happycook,thank you!!

    Ranji,thank you.

    Purnima,thank you.Yeah,they are experts and ubbattis were simply out of the world!!

    Trupti,thank you!!

    Mythreyee,thank you.Thanks to you for hosting such an event which prompted me to post puran poli!!

    Uma,thank you!!

    Hetal,thank you!!

    Srivalli,thank you.I feel happy that I could contribute to your roti mela!!

    Pooja,thank you!!

    Sukanya,thank you!!

    Maheshwari,thank you!!

    Bhags,thank you.I would not have made it myself,am too scared of that possibility.My ma-in-law and co-sis were the main chef's,I was just loitering around taking the pics.Eating it was also my contribution..hehe!!

  14. Wow!! These r yum yum... My hubby loves these!

  15. Thanks for reminding me :) looks super...

  16. Hi divya, looks like I missed a lot here on your blog:) Peanut masala, puran poli, cardomom milk,mmmmm:) Thats a good collection:) This step by step poli recipe is really commentable, becoz I feel you have made it look really simple and neat to follow:0 Will make those soon:) Thank you divya:)


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