Friday, June 20, 2008

Eggless Chocolate Brownies

Brownies makes me nostalgic,reminds me of my college days!!!When I was in my final year,a coffee shop opened near our college-Coffee Beanz.It was an all in one shop with food,beverages,ice-creams-even appam & stew adorning their menus.Me and my best friend M started to haunt this shop almost daily,yes daily!!Our order was almost always the same-2 cold coffees&2 brownies with ice-cream.God,even thinking about that makes me drool.They were so rich and yummy that one had to struggle to stop at one.We were not so diet conscious then,unlike todays's college going girls[;-)],we sometimes gave in to our temptation and ordered another one.I mean,who can resist those yummies with chocolate chips oozing out of them and garnished with walnuts?We couldn't!!

I've always wanted to prepare them at home,but the list of ingredients it had always puts me off.And half of the ingredients were not available here too.So we always bought it from outside whenever we felt like eating it.I have written down quite a few number of brownie recipes in my cookbook and have bookmarked many more.But never actually thought of making it.I was looking for a recipe in my book and came across this lovely brownie recipe which I had written down from Srivalli's blog.It has two recipes,one with eggs and one eggless.Moreoever,it required use of 1/2 a tin of milkmaid and I had some ready in my fridge remaining from the Chocolate cake recipe.They came out wonderful,only thing,a little less sweeter than we had expected.So if you want it sweeter,increase the amount of sugar.So brownies it is!!!

Eggless Chocolate Brownie with Banana


Maida - 1 cup

Cocoa powder - 2 tbsp
Milkmaid- 200 gms (Half tin)
Butter - 1/2 cup
Baking powder - 1/4 tsp
Salt a pinch
Sugar - 2 tsp

Ripe Banana - 1 small one
Crushed Walnuts,Cashewnuts - about 2 tbsp


Melt the butter in Microwavefor 1 minute. Mix in the milkmaid, blend it to a smooth paste using a blender.

Mash the banana well and mix to the above butter & milkmaid mix.Add sugar and blend again to get a smooth paste.
In another bowl, sift the flour, cocoa, salt and baking powder. Then add to the butter mix and blend well.
Transfer the mix to a greased microwave safe dish.I used the wax paper which comes as the butter cover,so did not grease the pan.
Microwave this mix for 4 minutes. Let it rest in the microwave for a minute, then remove to the wire rack for another 2 minutes.
Brownies are ready to be savoured!!!

I had bookmarked this recipe on the day Sri had posted it(almost 2 months back) and also had written it down,just in case!!So this one goes to Bookmarked recipes event conducted by Ruth.Check out the round-up here!!


  1. Thanks divya for visiting my blog..have send the puran polis to the sweet series as well.
    Yummy brownies. This coffee beanz that you are referring to is it at ernakulam...becoz there is one at ernakulam (kerala) which is one of our fav haunts for their yummy appam and stew- the best I have ever had.

    1. Where can I get egg less brownies in ernakulam??

  2. I love brownies and these looks good

  3. divya, hahah..this is too much!...I was enjoying your trip down to college days..and then I am surprised to see that you tried mine...yours look lovely...yes thats what I felt, that it was having little less sugar. I think I mentioned that you got to increase the sugar!..didnt' I?..let me check...thanks for the feedback....

  4. Eggless baking goods always fascinate me, looks so good Divya, good job!:)

  5. Egg free baking is always a challenge. Thanks for the recipe.

  6. nice to read about ur college days Divya, I loved the brownies and I am thinking about making it with walnuts too, I love the mere mentioning of it.

  7. great job with the brownies, divya! even i am amazed (like Asha) by the texture of these eggless baked stuff! great entry! :-)

  8. one more thing...did u mean the coffee beans in ernakulam?? :-)

  9. Brownies with bananas is a new combination to me. They look delicious, Divya.

  10. yummy one ... i too look forward to seeing eggless brownies/cakes :)

  11. eggless brownies!!!!looks delicious divya..great job:)

  12. Yum yum yum..If I have all the ingredients, I might try this within a day or two..

  13. Yummmm....brownies and eggless - good one!

  14. Your college stories are so interesting.I also used to search recipes without eggs.I think this is perfect.Nice that you tried atleast after two months.Good job!!!

  15. delicious brownies, Divya! Yum,yum yummy.

  16. i love those brownies served in the cafes....yours looks equally tempting

  17. Vandana,thanks..!!Yes,the coffee beanz I mentioned is in Ekm..I feel everything in their menu is simply delicious,isn't it?


    Sri,thanks to you I could make such yummy brownies..!!!

    Ashakka,thanks so much!!

    Priya,yes it is!!Thanks..!!

    Pearlsofeast,thanks!!Walnuts does give it that extra kick!!;-)

    Jz,thanks..yes I was mentioning abt Coffee beanz in Ekm!!




    Maya,thanks..please do,it comes out superb!!


    Shri,thanks..oh how much I miss those good ol' college days!!


    Bhags,thanks so much!!

  18. I think I have a million brownie recipes bookmarked too! I'm glad you got to make these, they look fab.

    Thanks for sending them to bookmarked recipes.

  19. Ruth-thanks to you for such a great event!!!

  20. Hi Divya,

    My first trip to your blog, and looks like wont be the last :) I am a sucker for sweets and its a miracle, my teeth have survived so far! :)

    Didnt you need to put them in the oven at all. Do they firm up well in microwave?

  21. Hi Divya,I had bookmarked this recipe long back and got to make it a couple of days ago.I was yum!Just posted it in my blog.Thanks for sharing a wonderful recipe.

  22. Is it possible to replace oil by yoghurt? any replacement for the milkmaid aka condensed milk? attempting to make a healthier version of this....thanks!

  23. Anon..I am not sure if you can replace the oil or the condensed milk.Since it is an eggless version,it would be a difficult task to replace the condensed milk..sorry,that's the only tip I can give you!!

  24. made it today ws awsum .children liked it too much.its almost finished in few hours.and they didnt believe tht it hs banana.thanks a lot

  25. Hi divya...can i replace maida wth self raising flour or just wheat flour?i donno where to get maida in malaysia.

  26. Hi divya.can i replace maida wth self raising flour or normal wheat flour?not sure where to get maida in malaysia.

    1. Self raising flour will work just fine,using wheat flour would make the brownie dense.I'd suggest use half of wheat flour and half self raising flour if you must.

  27. Can u please tell me where are the walnuts& cashw used? Is it only to garnish it?
    also i want to know which butter should be used- homemade or readymade? And if i use amul butter, do i need to skip putting salt into it?
    Thanks in advance ..


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