Friday, June 6, 2008

Haleeb ma Hal - Milk with Cardamom

What do you do when you come to know that something as simple as a cup of milk with cardamom is part of a particular cuisine?Simple,blog about it,right?I was just going through the link that Siri has provided for Middle eastern cuisine for AWED,to be honest-I was trying to pick up something very very simple.And what do I stumble upon?Something which is a part of our daily cuisine too!!I got very excited and started taking pictures of our cup of milk.Hubby was surprised and advised against posting about"a cup of milk" hehe.Check out the recipe here.

In fact,this Cardamom milk evoked a sense of nostalgia in me.This milk was a special naivedyam offering to Goddess Lakshmi in our temple in Ernakulam.One of the main poojaris in the temple stayed next door to us.On fridays,I used to wait for their call to get the milk in a small Thookkupaathram(stainless steel container).On special occasions and poojas at our place,amma used to make this milk.It tastes great warm,even better when it is slightly cold.We have a cup of milk without any flavoring every night.When I asked hubby whether he likes Cardamom milk his reply was negative,as usual.While I was making this milk,the wonderful aroma of cardamom was all over the place.He said he wouldn't mind a sip and finished off the whole cup!!
Cardamom helps the digestive system and is a spice greatly relied on in this country. Boiled with milk, cardamom helps to relax the body and is thought to calm the stomach, thus offering a good night's rest.

Haleeb ma Hal - Milk with cardamom


Milk - 2 cups
Sugar - 2 tsp
Cardamom - 1 pod,crushed


Pour the milk,sugar and cardamom in a pan and simmer for 5 minutes,or till the milk boils.
Close with a lid and keep aside for another 5 minutes.
Just before serving,strain the milk and pour into individual cups.
Serve when it is still warm.

Haleeb ma Hal -Milk with Cardamom goes to A.W.E.D-Middle Eastern cuisine an event conducted by Siri and DK.Check out the round-up here!!


  1. I can smell and taste the aroma of Cardamom!! Beautiful entry!:))
    Add a pinch of Saffron, it will look Heaven!

  2. love the refreshing milk, divya! nice entry.

  3. great entry for AWED! i am still looking around!

  4. Didn't know our good old paal (milk) with elakkai (cardamom) was a Mid-eastern speciality too - makes you think beyond and realize how the roots of all culture are intertwined.

  5. Asha,you are so right.I too add saffron at times,but since this entry required specific middle eastern cuisine,did not add it!!

    Uma,thank you!!

    Jz,thank you!!I was lucky to find something which is a part of our cuisine too!!

    A-kay,you are right.Even I was surprised to find this is mid-eastern cuisine!!

    Sagari,thank you!!

  6. Yum! Cardamom with milk is a heavenly combo!

  7. When we offer milk for neivedyam, I too add crushed cardamom. Great to know its part of a cuisine.


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