Saturday, July 28, 2012

I Love your Blog - ChefinYou

She is my namesake,she blogs about food and maintains a website which is widely followed worldwide.

Yes I am talking about Dhivya Karthik who blogs at ChefinYou.Someone called her India's Pioneer Woman and I think it is no exaggeration.Step by step pictures of making a dish is her forte and she has been doing that from day one.I know how difficult that can be when making dishes with complicated steps.But she makes it look all easy!
I almost jumped into trying out Tiramisu when I saw the pictures here.Really,is it all that easy?Apparently not,she only made it look so;)
She cooks with exotic ingredients and blends them into easy Indian recipes and voila you get Purple Parathas!
How often have you seen a vegetarian lollipop?I am guessing very rarely.Here,she cooks a Paneer and Baby corn dish and makes it looks like a Chicken Lollipop!
I am sure with recipes like this up her sleeve,she doesn't need a Boy Bait,but wait I think that's for us to try,isn't it?
She says she is not a Chocolate fan but that doesn't deter her from churning out delicious chocolate recipes.The eggless Chocolate Pound cake recipe is an example.
I cannot wait to try this Idli Fingers when I have leftover idli.Now DK,how did you come up with this idea;))?

There are quite a few recipes I tried from her blog.Some already blogged and some yet to.

Disclaimer - All pictures published with the bloggers permission.


  1. Hey Divya..DK is as she known is amazing blogger and cook. I too love her space.

  2. Wonderful medley of lovely recipes from your namesake.

    Hamaree Rasoi

  3. it is nice know her:) u are great and nice gesture :)

  4. Both the Divyas are doing a wonderful job. That is what I see and is the truth.
    Keep up the good work dears.

  5. oh soo good to see this n i too love her blog very much...

  6. Dearest Divs - I am humbled yet can't wipe that stupid grin off my face. Thank you for sticking with me and my blog from as long as I can remember. It has been motivating and provided me with enuf fuel to keep at what I do. If that's not enough, you even gave some extremely valuable tips and advise through your guest posts which I cherish every single day. So lemme take this opportunity today and say "Thank YOU". :) Hugs


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