Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Kalathi Kadai Rose Milk

Rose Milk

I wasn't sure where we were headed to when we parked our car near the temple street in Mylapore but I was sure I wouldn't leave the place without tasting 'The' Rose milk from Kalathi Kadai.Having heard so many rave reviews about this pink glass of beauty,I had to try it,no matter what.We are not very familiar with Mylapore and surroundings and hence finding out where the shop was,with only the name for company was not a simple task.

With my limited knowledge of reading Tamil,I found out the shop somehow but was baffled because the shop looked like a very simple corner shop where people stopped for a puff or a snack.There was no mention of Rose milk anywhere.Hesitantly we asked the guy for 2 glasses of Rose milk and he quickly pulled out his big steel jug and poured out two chilled glasses.I couldn't wait and gulped it down at one go.
Rose Milk

With just a hint of rose flavor and mildly sweet,this one was a drink I wouldn't mind travelling a few kilometres for.I got myself a bottle of rose milk concentrate so that I could make it at home too.Here,I am giving a recipe using this concentrate.There are different varieties available but by far the closest I've felt to the original is the Bakers Rose Milk Powder.You could try making the same with that too.
Rose Milk

Rose Milk

Ingredients(serves 1)

Rose Milk Concentrate - 1 tsp
Bakers Rose Milk Powder - 1 tsp
Milk - 1 cup,chilled
Sugar - 1 tsp
Ice cubes - 3-4

Rose Milk-step1 
Mix together sugar,rose syrup(or powder),milk and ice cubes in a shaker* or a glass till everything is mixed together.Rose Milk-step2
Serve chilled.
Rose Milk-equipment 
*I used a Tupperware Quick shake which churns out excellent milkshakes.You can use any shaker(which comes free with most of the health drinks)or even use a blender if you are making it in huge quantities.


  1. It is very easy to make rose syrup at Home Divya!! Try this recipe of mine - You'll love it!! The best part is you can control the flavors and experiment to find out the best taste!!

  2. I love rose milk..I use mapro syrup,it is quite good.

  3. My MIl's fav. Made me drool.. Wish to have it :)

  4. hi divya my most favorite rose milk... i can say am addict of this...

  5. hmmm yummy and presentation is superrrrr

  6. hmmm i loved that shaker and i ve heard of this place too. its funny that most famous shops are not as conspicuous like we think them to be!! Maybe modesty.. the rose milk looks delish

  7. Rose milk is my one of my most fav drink. Nicely done divya

  8. Looks perfect,you have added correct amount that it looks perfect baby pink! Loved it :)

  9. This is the most refreshing drink my son loves. He always asks for it.
    wonderful clicks dear..


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